Get a Logitech Colorful G305 Mouse for Just $30 Today

Get a Logitech Colorful G305 mouse for just $30 today as this price in question matches the best price from Amazon yet. The G305 mouse from Amazon comes in a range of astonishing colors, but that as you should know is not even the best part of this deal as you can now get yours for only $30 today.

Logitech Colorful G305 Mouse

Logitech Colorful G305 Mouse

The Logitech G305 for those that don’t know might just be one of the most colorful input devices that is around, and it is also one of the most popular. Logitech in question makes some of the best wireless mouse as well as keyboard accessories that you are likely to find around, and the G305 in question is really no slouch. This device is normally well priced at around $50, too, but with Black Friday really near, Amazon has reportedly cut that price to just $30.

That lowered price here is a big 40% discount and it is one that you will not have to work for. With this deal, there are no discount codes or on-screen coupons here. And that simply means that the only thing you need to do is select which color you are going for. We are really big fans of the blue-colored mouse, but there are many more muted options for people who have to look respectable in an office setting.

Specs and Features of This Mouse

The Amazon Black Friday extravaganza has not really kicked into full gear yet, but this here is one discount that is worth highlighting right at this moment. The mouse in question sports a 12,000 dpi sensor as well as no fewer than six different programmable buttons. That in question simply means that you will be able to set up all kinds of weird and wonderful shortcuts with this device, thus making it faster and easier to get your work done. Or effectively equip your favorite weapon in that new must-play game or whichever.

Other Notable Specs and Features

Notable specs for this very device is inclusive of a superfast, 1ms report rate for what Logitech stated is competition-level performance, all thanks to the Lightspeed wireless tech. And all of that mentioned above in a frame that weighs just 99 grams and, frankly, looks really amazing. So what are you waiting for to place your order?



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