Three New Colorful PS5 Covers to Arrive Next Month

Three New Colorful PS5 Covers to Arrive Next Month. Sony has recently confirmed that they would be releasing three new PS5 console covers in June 20222 for “Some regions”, going on with its previous range of galactic-inspired colors.

Three New Colorful PS5 Covers to Arrive Next Month

Previously, PlayStation fans got to see the Cosmic Red and Midnight black console covers back in January. They confirmed that the Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple would be joining these variants at a much later date, matching three new DualSense controller colors. Ever since those controllers launched in January, we have been awaiting further updates on the new PS5 covers.

Three New Colorful PS5 Covers to Arrive Next Month

Offering a small update on the original PlayStation Blog Post, Sony confirmed that “early access for customers in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg remains available via starting from the 17 of June.” Each of the covers would be purchased for $54.99 / £44.99. Sadly, no indication concerning when they would receive a much wider release, at least not yet. And nothing has been said yet on an Australian release date/price.

Just like before, these covers would be available for both the standard PS5 consoles and the PS5 Digital Edition. Because the covers accommodate the former’s Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, they are unfortunately interchangeable. There are no PS5 bundles yet that is accommodated by the new cover pre-attached, meaning any new adopter would currently need to purchase them separately.

Sony Making a Winning Move

This faceplate might turn out to be pricey for some, but I would argue that they have created a great strategy here. It’s not an option that the Xbox Series S or the Xbox series X have, neither of them has an alternative color so Sony has a customization advantage.

With that stated, it did not pioneer this concept for consoles. Nintendo Previously made great use of swappable faceplates with the New 3DS, with great designs that range from the Xenoblade to Super Mario. Thanks to the changeable joy-con controllers, that spirit happens to be alive in the Nintendo Switch also, but it is not quite the same.

So far, we only have seen the galactic range for PS5, but it opens the door for more specialized options, and changing your PS5 plates is pretty straightforward. Just imagine you could get your hands on the God of War Ragnarok or Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 faceplates when the game eventually launches? They would be an instant winner.


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