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Gener8tor is an esteemed accelerator program that focuses on investing in high-growth startups and providing them with comprehensive support to foster their growth. With a network of experienced mentors, technologists, corporate partners, angel investors, and venture capitalists, Gener8tor has established itself as a nationally-ranked accelerator.

Gener8tor Madison Accelerator

This article will explore in detail Gener8tor Madison Accelerator 2024, highlighting the benefits, eligibility criteria, and how to apply

Gener8tor Madison Accelerator 2024

The Gener8tor Madison Accelerator 2024 Program presents an incredible opportunity for startups seeking growth capital and guidance from seasoned industry professionals. This renowned accelerator program aims to propel startups to new heights by providing them with access to essential resources, mentorship, and a supportive network.

Gener8tor has a remarkable track record in supporting startups. Its alumni network of approximately 1,000 companies has collectively raised over $1.2 billion in follow-on financing.

Notably, 54% of these alumni have secured more than $1 million in follow-on financing or have been successfully acquired, while 69% have raised over $250,000 in follow-on financing or experienced successful acquisitions. These figures are a testament to the effectiveness of Gener8tor’s approach in driving startup success.

Cohort Investments

Gener8tor Madison Accelerator invests in five high-growth startups during each cohort. Unlike other programs, Gener8tor does not limit its investments to specific industries or business models. It welcomes companies from all fields, embracing diverse business strategies. Selected startups will receive a $100,000 investment along with a comprehensive 12-week mentorship-driven program.


  • Gener8tor provides more than just funding to the startups it invests in.
  • The program offers a holistic approach, combining financial support with invaluable mentorship.
  • Startups accepted into the Madison Accelerator will gain access to a network of experienced mentors who will guide them through the challenges of scaling their businesses.
  • This mentorship-driven approach ensures that startups receive tailored guidance and support to maximize their potential for success.

About Gener8tor

Gener8tor operates in several cities, including Madison, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. It has earned recognition as one of the top 11 startup accelerators in the United States out of over 150 programs, according to the Seed Accelerator Rankings Project. Since its establishment, Gener8tor has invested in 180 companies, which have collectively raised over $1 billion in follow-on financing.

Gener8tor conducts three classes per year, with only five startups accepted per class. This selective approach ensures that each startup receives focused attention and resources, enhancing its chances of growth and success.

Eligibility Criteria for Gener8tor Madison Accelerator

Gener8tor Madison Accelerator welcomes applications from startups headquartered anywhere in the world, operating in any vertical or industry.

Innovative startups, regardless of their location or industry, have the opportunity to join the program and benefit from its resources.

Application Process

To apply for Gener8tor Madison Accelerator 2024;

  • Interested startups need to visit the official Gener8tor website at:
  • The application deadline will be announced soon.
  • The program will kick off on March 7th, 2024, and run for 12 weeks, concluding on June 2nd, 2024.
  • The specific details regarding the interview process and venue will be communicated to the selected startups.


How long does the program run?

The program has a duration of 12 weeks, offering startups an intensive mentorship-driven experience.

Are there any restrictions on the industry or vertical for applying to Gener8tor Madison Accelerator?

No, Gener8tor Madison Accelerator accepts applications from startups in all industries and verticals.

How many startups are accepted per cohort?

Gener8tor Madison Accelerator accepts only five startups per cohort, ensuring personalized attention and resources.

Can startups from outside the United States apply?

Yes, startups headquartered anywhere in the world can apply to Gener8tor Madison Accelerator.

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