GameStop Employee Discounts – Do GameStop Employees get Free Games?

If you love playing games on both consoles PC or what-have-you then you probably buy games. And if you love buying games then you might have probably heard of GameStop. GameStop is simply the world’s biggest video game and gaming merchandise retailer based in America. On this page today we take a look and will explain all the GameStop employee discounts that are available.

GameStop Employee Discount

Working as a GameStop employee and also a video game fanatic you are simply in for a good treat. Because not only do you get to work for the biggest retailer game and game merchandise company also get to have a certain discount. Although the company does not have quite a lot of discounts like many others these discounts are worth taking a look at.

GameStop Employee Discounts

Gaming is one of the biggest careers so many people are engaging in these days wait multiplayer games are one of the most lucrative games. So many people playing game do need a place to get their games from and also their gaming Gear. This is the reason why popular companies like GameStop and others are at the forefront of gaming merchandise today.

As one of the biggest game merchandise retailers, you do not want to lose your employees to others. As a result, there are several benefits and discounts that employees enjoy on GameStop that keep them motivated not to leave. In whatever form you are working with GameStop in there is simply different kind of discounts that you can enjoy.

If you did not know this then you might be missing out on a lot as a gamer and also an employee of GameStop. So whether you are an employee of GameStop or you simply want to check up on the discount people working there are getting the case is the same. Below we have listed and explained all the benefits and discounts of the GameStop company the employees enjoy.

GameStop Employee Discount List

The GameStop company is one of the largest retailers in gaming and gaming merchandise and as a result of that, they offer a lot of discounts to their employees. The law is the comprehensive list of all GameStop employee discounts:

  • Discounts on Gaming Merchandise
  • Discounts on apparel
  • Computers
  • Entertainment
  • Auto
  • Apartments in Dallas Fortworth Metropolitan area
  • Fitness and Workout
  • Wireless

Do GameStop Employees get Employee Discounts?

The answer is YES. GameStop employees get discounts as long as they are an employee of the company. You should also know that employees do get discounts based on hierarchy. The higher up you are in the company the more discount and benefits that you get. If you are a store manager you are simply going to get a hell lot more discount than someone that is on sales.

The manager simply enjoys most of the benefits as they are entitled to free game downloads and even free renting on selected gaming merchandise. As an ordinary employee, you get 25% discount on selected video games and also rent them. Finally, GameStop employee can also have access to discounts from certain companies available to them.

Can you use GameStop Employee Discounts Online?

As an employee of any of the GameStop stores across the world or in America, you can simply get your discount by physically assessing the store to purchase an item. However, there is still room to access the discount you get from being an employee online. For this to work, you need to contact customer care so that they create a personalized account with your employee information details.

After calling the help desk to get an account you can now use this account to log in to the GameStop website and access your discounts when purchasing items. Note that if you use any other account apart from this you will not get any employee discounts. Because your employee discount account is created with your employee details to make sure you have all the discounts when you purchase items online.

Do GameStop Employees get Free Games?

As a GameStop employee, you have access to several discounted items and games you can access physically or online when you have a personalized account. But it is impossible to get free games as an ordinary GameStop employee. This is because ordinary GameStop employees do not have access to free games only managers do.

GameStop managers are the only ones entitled to free games and downloads and also free renting on selected gaming merchandise as I have mentioned above. As an employee, you do not have access to free games by reason of discount you only have discounted games that you need to purchase with money.

Who is Eligible for GameStop Employee Discount

everyone working at the GameStop company can have access to the employee discount. As long as you are an employee you can simply access your discount. All discounts are available to the following:

  • Store Managers
  • Sales associate
  • Full-time store employees
  • Part-time store employees

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