Gamers Can Now Replace Stray’s Cat with the Game’s Favorite Dragon

Gamers can now replace stray’s cat with the game’s favorite dragon as Spyro reportedly returns.

Gamers Can Now Replace Stray’s Cat with the Game's Favorite Dragon

Gamers Can Now Replace Stray’s Cat with the Game’s Favorite Dragon

Reports now show that Spyro has come into the streets of stray in an all-new mod that transforms the feline adventure into a serpents sojourn. And while strays silent cats spiked into doom, a much greater scalier creature has now come to replace it. The pithily that is named Spyro the dragon mod swaps directly the game furry hero with the popular and classic purple mascot.

This very mod allows playing as Spyro and then replaces every other cat on the game that you encounter with another dragon of a different pattern and color. Making use of the Spyro character model from the Spyro Reignited Trilogy in 2018, the dragon’s hi-res textures allows it to fit directly in with the stranger-than-fiction city of stray.

You should however know that this is a mod. That being said, you will have to be running the game on PC in order to get it going. If you own a PS5 or PS4, you have a different kind of luck as console gamers can easily play Stray for free with this very neat trick.

How Spyro the Dragon Fits Into the Game

Spyro the dragon fits into the role surprisingly well. And despite being a fire-breathing dragon, Spyro has a similar size to Stray’s tabby, thus letting him slot right into the cyberpunk world without too much discrepancy. It also helps with gamers that he’s a pretty friendly fella, therefore rivaling even the most-cuddly cat for cuteness.

With no official Spyro game announced at the moment to be in development, fans and enthusiasts of the 3D platformer might well have to make do with this mod for the now. The single-button jumping of stray can’t rival the fluid aerial platforming of the original series, although the game is arguably at its best when you’re doing nothing at all. And even though Insomniac, the original developer studio behind Spyro, is on board, tweeting support for the mod.

Other Characters to Be Introduced Into the Game

Creator CelticDragon85 says that they are anxious to see Pokemons Eevee or Mew replace strays cat. That being said, you should look out for more fury imposters making their way into the game.


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