Game Boy Mod for Bitcoin Mining – Bitcoin Mining on Gameboy Mod Details

The Game boy Mod for Mining Bitcoin is one of the latest amazing things that took place in the Bitcoin line. Mining Bitcoin has gotten a lot better over the years with the many technologies around. Currently, an app developer successfully created a Bitcoin mining software for Gameboy which is pretty amazing right.

Game Boy Mod for Bitcoin Mining

Game Boy Mod for Bitcoin Mining

Nintendo Gameboy was once the most popular portable game console available in the market. The game was basically created for black and white games on the go. And recently, a Gameboy owner created an interesting mod to his own Gameboy console enabling the console to mine bitcoin.

Currently, if you are talking about one of the most popular cryptocurrencies around the world, then you should be talking about bitcoin. The project required the modder to start using a basic game boy and a raspberry Pi Pico developer board that was used as a link cable to a USB adapter. Then the Pi was then connected to a computer in other to make provision for the Internet connection needed for Bitcoin Mining.

Bitcoin Mining on Gameboy Mod Details

As great as Bitcoin Mining on Gameboy sounds, that does not change the fact that it comes with some downside. It is incredibly slow to perform the task at hand. If you consider the current generation ASIC miners being able to pump out around terahashes per second while the Gameboy only pumps 0.8 hashes per second. This is approximately 125 trillion times slower than the current-generation ASIC miner.

Anyone that is looking forward to making actual money in Bitcoin would want to skip right over the Gameboy mod. Essentially, the Game Boy would never mine a single bitcoin making this more of a project just to see if it can happen than a useful modification.

Despite the fact that the mod is practically limited, it is amazing to see somebody whip up something very amazing like this. There is no mention of what it required to create the software that was undoubtedly needed for mining operations. It does now really sound like the hardware was practically expensive to get.

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