Future Global Leaders Scholarships 2024 (FGL Fellowship) – APPLY NOW

The Future Global Leaders Scholarships 2024 (FGL Fellowship) is available for aspiring leaders from any region of the world. If you’re a potential leader eager to pursue undergraduate studies in the United States of America (USA), the FGL Fellowship is your perfect opportunity to study in the USA.

Future Global Leaders Scholarships

This Fellowship is designed for highly motivated first-year undergraduates from low-income backgrounds. However, prospective students must have a track record of overcoming obstacles, excelling academically, and possessing a strong desire to leave a mark on the global stage.

In addition, these students must come to terms that their potential global impact is in direct proportion to the influence and power they obtain.

FGL Fellowship Overview

The FGL Fellowship is an esteemed program that provides Fellows with a wealth of exceptional chances in addition to the prestige of that comes with taking part in the fellowship. The Fellowship is designed to foster these bright students’ development and smooth their entry into the prestigious Fortis Society.

You might be wondering what makes the Fortis Society so unique. The Fortis Society aspires to build relationships between upcoming leaders based on their accomplishments and skills rather than their privileges. It’s about creating a dynamic global network of people who support one another as they rise to positions of exceptional influence, power, and achievement.

Taking part in this program, you can be confident that you’ll be accepted into the Fortis Society, a ground-breaking organization of diverse leaders who not only support one another’s achievements but also strive to create a better world. Many of the previous former FGL Fellows are now making waves in a variety of industries, including finance, entrepreneurship, politics, international affairs, computer technology, engineering, and many more.

FGL Fellowship Highlights

  • Study Type: Undergraduate / Fellowship
  • Host Organizing: Future Leaders Foundation
  • Eligible Gender: Men and Women
  • Duration: 20-day leadership course
  • Fellowship Location: USA
  • Application Closing Date: Ongoing

What Does the Scholarship Offer?

The Future Global Leaders Fellowship comes with amazing benefits, including:

  • Full sponsorship of program expenses by the Future Leaders Foundation.
  • An intense 3-week leadership training.
  • Mentorship opportunity under globally recognized professionals.
  • Financial support for internships abroad.
  • Tailored career guidance and essential tools.
  • Fellows will gain entry into a vast global circle: the Fortis Society.

Who’s Eligible to Apply?

For the Future Global Leaders Fellowship, here’s what you need to be considered eligible :

  • Nationality: Regardless of your country of origin, the fellowship is open for students from all countries.
  • Academic Stage: You’re expected to be in your 2nd year of undergraduate studies in any discipline.
  • Background: You are either the first to attend a university in your family or you belong to a low-income group.
  • Academic Performance: Demonstrate excellent achievements both in high school and your current year.
  • Leadership: The Fellowship welcomes Candidates with proof of leadership through personal projects or in their school/community.

How to apply for Future Global Leaders Scholarships 2024?

To apply for the Future Global Leaders Fellowship 2024, kindly follow the guide below:


How can I apply for the Future Global Leaders Fellowship?

To apply, visit our official website of Fortis Society at https://www.fortis-society.org/cooptation and follow the application process outlined there.

Is this scholarship only for students from the USA?

No, this scholarship is open to students from all countries.

What are the selection criteria for the FGL Fellowship?

They consider factors such as academic performance, leadership qualities, and a commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

When does the FGL Fellowship program start?

The program begins each year in early August with a 20-day leadership workshop.

Can I apply if I’m currently in my first year of undergraduate studies?

Unfortunately, this scholarship is open to students in their second year of undergraduate studies or higher.

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