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Applications are open for the Future for Religious Heritage (FRH) – Photo Competition 2023! If you have an affinity for religious heritage and a knack for photography, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

FRH Photo Competition

Whether you’re an ardent enthusiast of architectural marvels or simply love capturing the essence of your journeys through pictures, the Future for Religious Heritage (FRH) Photo Competition 2023 invites you to join an international community of heritage admirers and stand a chance to win a noteworthy prize.

FRH Photo Competition 2023

Every year, the FRH Photo Competition shines a spotlight on the ten most captivating photographs of religious heritage from across the globe. Our world is brimming with enigmatic religious architectural marvels, intriguing artifacts, and unique celebrations. The competition serves as a platform to showcase the splendor and diversity of European religious heritage.

The Categories

The competition comprises three distinct categories:

  1. Religious Buildings: This category features photos where buildings or groups of buildings take center stage as the main elements.
  2. Artifacts: Here, the focus is on objects associated with religious heritage, highlighting their significance and allure.
  3. People and Events: Capturing the essence of people and festivities, this category celebrates the human facet of religious heritage.

Participants have the liberty to submit up to three photos for each category, offering ample creative room to express their interpretation of religious heritage.

About Future for Religious Heritage (FRH)

FRH, established in 2008, is a non-profit, non-religious organization that ardently strives to unite Europeans across diverse communities through the rich tapestry of heritage and culture. Dedicated to constructing a Pan-European Network of heritage connections, FRH offers avenues for European citizens to engage with and appreciate a myriad of cultural expressions across the continent.

Each year, a landmark heritage site plays host to the Annual General Assembly, a celebratory gathering where members convene to revel in the abundance of Europe’s heritage.

Benefits of the FRH Photo Competition 2023

Participation in the FRH Photo Competition comes with a host of benefits, including:

  • The winner will attend the 2024 edition of the FRH Conference, with all expenses covered up to 1,000€
  • Finalists, while responsible for their own expenses, will also find themselves welcome at the conference.
  • FRH will publish a special compilation featuring the winner and finalists’ photos in each category, distributing the publication throughout Europe.
  • The FRH Photo Competition is an opportunity for both amateur and seasoned photographers to immerse themselves in the captivating world of religious heritage photography.

Evaluation Criteria

An esteemed jury panel, comprised of expert photographers, artists, and FRH representatives, will meticulously evaluate all submissions. This discerning panel will convene in the initial week of December to deliberate on the entries. From the plethora of remarkable submissions, three exemplary photos from each category will be selected, with one overall winner and eight finalists emerging as the pinnacle of excellence.

How to Apply for the FRH Photo Competition 2023

Do you resonate with this opportunity? Follow the guide below to apply

Application Deadline

November 30, 2023.


Who can participate in the FRH Photo Competition?

The competition is open to everyone, irrespective of their nationality or professional background. Amateurs and professionals alike are encouraged to submit their entries.

Is submission of photos for more than one category allowed?

Yes, participants have the opportunity to submit up to three photos for each of the three categories.

What are the benefits of winning the competition?

The winner will receive an invitation to the 2024 FRH Conference, with expenses covered up to 1,000€. Additionally, a special publication featuring the winner and finalists’ photos will be promoted throughout Europe.

When will the evaluation take place?

The jury panel will convene in the first week of December to evaluate the submissions and select the winners.

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