Free Press Unlimited Climate Change Fellowship Programme 2023/2024 – APPLY NOW

The Free Press Unlimited Climate Change Fellowship Programme form is out, apply now. However, Two Fellowship Programmes on Climate Change will be implemented for journalists in the Southern Neighbourhood.

Free Press Unlimited Climate Change Fellowship Programme
Free Press Unlimited Climate Change Fellowship Programme

These programmes aim to enhance the understanding and awareness of climate-related issues among fellows. A total of 20 fellows will have the opportunity to create impactful stories that not only highlight the problems associated with climate change but also propose constructive solutions.

Free Press Unlimited Climate Change Fellowship Programme 2023/2024

The first fellowship programme will focus on exploring how young people are actively engaging in climate action. This includes studying the creation of citizen and political movements, activism efforts, and information campaigns.

The second fellowship programme will delve into the topic of climate change about innovative methods for promoting a green economy and energy transition. Some areas of exploration will include recycling practices, renewable energy sources, and the use of green hydrogen.

Through these programmes, fellows will be equipped with the knowledge and resources to communicate climate-related issues effectively, while emphasizing the importance of sustainable solutions.


The two fellowships will consist of:

  • From January to March 2024, the fellowship programme will provide training and individual coaching to fellows as they produce one climate change story in two different formats, such as articles, podcasts, or videos.
  • Within 10 weeks, successful fellows will write and publish a story that aligns with the topics above. At the start of the programme, fellows will receive training on the fundamentals of environmental journalism, including information sources and journalistic approaches. Throughout the programme, an experienced trainer/mentor will guide fellows in the writing process, source selection, and story publication. Free Press Unlimited will offer visibility for the produced material. Additionally, all fellows will receive financial support of 500 euros.
  • Fellows will have unlimited access to Free Press Unlimited’s TOTEM platform, an online resource that aids journalists and activists in utilizing digital security and privacy tools effectively.
  • Two community practice events will take place in April 2024. During the first event, climate change experts will be invited to share their knowledge of environmental issues in the MENA region and their experiences in the field. All fellows will have the opportunity to pitch their story ideas. The second event will be the closing ceremony, where the six best stories will be awarded a prize of 1,000 euros.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this opportunity, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Be either a journalist or a graduate in journalism.
  • Operate in one of the following countries: Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon,  Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.
  • Be willing to adhere to core journalism principles, such as being fact-based, accurate, independent, fair, impartial, and accountable.
  • Choose one of the two climate change topics mentioned and have a means for publishing their content productions (demonstrate commitment from one or several media outlets to publish the applicant’s content).
  • Possess technical skills and experience in podcast or video production.
  • Provide evidence of commitment from one or several media outlets to publish their content. In either an article and podcast format or an article and video format.

Commitments of applicants

Candidates who are chosen will need to:

  • Create and publish a story on one of the specified topics in two different formats (article, podcast, video) by March 31st, 2024.
  • Actively engage in group, peer-to-peer, and individual coaching sessions between January 15th, 2024, and March 31st, 2024.
  • Have active participation in two events that will take place in April 2024 (exact date to be provided later).

How to Apply

To apply for the fellowship programme, please follow these steps:

  • Prepare your CV and motivation letter, which should outline the reason for your application. The topic you wish to address, and the story you intend to write. Also, explain how it aligns with either the first or second fellowship programme.
  • If you are affiliated with an independent media outlet, include a letter of support from your chief editor or network/ad-hoc group.
  • Applications can be submitted in Arabic, English, or French languages.
  • To complete your application, kindly send it to the email address provided on the official website before the 24th of December 2023. Should you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the same email address.

For further information on this programme, please visit the official website.

Application Deadline

December 24, 2023.



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