Fortnite Winterfest Brings Tom Holland’s Spider-Man – Fortnite Winterfest Offers

Fortnite Winterfest Brings Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. With the holiday approaching us fast, a large number of free-to-play and live service titles would be launching their winter events. And one of the latest games to launch their event is Fortnite, and Fortnite Winterfest has begun already with players already enjoying the fest.

Fortnite Winterfest Brings Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

The Winterfest offer players the opportunity to unlock special winter and holiday-themed cosmetics, while the Fortnite shop also would be hosting new outfits to tie with the Spider-man: now Way Home.

Fortnite Winterfest Brings Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

If you have tasted of the previous Fortnite Winterfest of the past, you are probably familiar with how things are expected to occur this year. Sgt. Winter is now making its return and this time he has presented in tow. Players get to visit the Winterfest lodge via the new snowflake tab that is in Lobby and get one new gift per day by visiting.

Fortnite Winterfest Offers

Sgt. Winter is offering 14days worth of presents to players, including the krisabelle and polar peely outfits. As stated by Epic, the Krisabelle skin is expected to only be available after unwrapping the six presents blocking her view, while the polar peely skin will unlock right after the ice that covers his present melts.

Epic also states that players get to return to the lodge to be able to unlock any daily gift that they have missed out on. So you don’t necessarily need to log in for 14 days straight to unlock the entire thing. All you are required to do is to head right to the Winterfest event lodge before it ends on January 6th at 9 AM ET.

Also, there would be a series of Winterfest quests for players to complete as they play. All of the quests would be made available for the whole period of the event, and completing six would unlock the Snowmando Board Glider (with two alternate styles), While completing 10 will further unlock the Ffrosty Back Bling. (And yes, it’s spelled Ffrosty with an extra F.)

Returning Winterfest Items

Some items coming from the previous winter events would be coming to the Winterfest 2021 as well. The items returning includes the

  • chiller Grenades
  • Snowball launchers
  • Holiday presents, and
  • Sneaky Snowman.

The chiller Grenades can be used to encase your enemies’ feet in ice, While the Holiday presents will grant loot when opened.

Also, there are some community-made maps that you need to check out before the Winterfest runs out. you can find those custom maps in the winterfest tab. All those playing the maps and modes for a cumulative two hours will unlock holiday-themed cosmetics, which includes:

  • the OI’ Cracky Emoticon
  • Llamistletoe Spray, and
  • a pair of banners.

Players also can unlock a third holiday skin, Blizzabelle, simply by just logging in while the event is going on live.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Skins

Lastly, we would see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Zendaya’s MJ skins from the movie “Spider-man: no Way Home” in the shop during the period of this event. While you get to earn the spider-man outfit via the battle pass this season, it now looks as if the new skins would need payment upfront before you can purchase them in the game.

The Winterfest event kicked off on the 16 of December, and it is expected to run till the 6th of January, offering players three weeks to earn everything that is available on offer.


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