First Smart Glasses By Facebook Teaming Up With Ray-Ban In 2021

Hey there, want to hear something really cool? How about I tell you about something you only hear and see on sci-fi movies? Cool, right? With the level of developments and sophistication in technology these days. It is only going to take a short time before we see flying cars. And a host of other stuff we never thought possible so soon. Well, flying cars are even in the works now and it will only take a short time before they are unveiled. Away from all that, this article is all about the First smart glasses by Facebook teaming up with ray-ban in 2021. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. All you need to do right now is to continue reading so as to find out all about this development.

First Smart Glasses By Facebook Teaming Up With Ray-Ban In 2021

First Smart Glasses By Facebook Teaming Up With Ray-Ban In 2021

Just as explained above, the rate at which technology is evolving and developing is quite fast. And what we just got a hold of is that Facebook is teaming up with ray-ban in 2021 in a bid to make the very first smart glasses. Well, one can actually see this coming, but not just from Facebook. At first, when I learned of this development I wasn’t surprised about the prospects of a smart glass. However, I was surprised that Facebook was behind it all. But is Facebook actually creating it themselves? Well, Facebook may just be the brains behind it, but they are not the manufacturers or the developers that’s for sure.

Facebook normally is known all over the world as a social media platform. Well not just one of the various social media platforms and companies in the world, but one of the best. But however away from the social media business, an announcement was made during a virtual conference held by Facebook. The announcement was that Facebook is working very closely with Luxottica, the maker of ray-ban to launch the very first smart glasses. During this conference, the Facebook Company also unveiled its next-gen quest 2 wireless VR headsets.

Mark Zuckerberg during the conference quoted “after spending time with their (essilorLuxottica’s) team and visiting their factory, I knew that they were the right partner for us to help bring the best technology together with the best glasses”. The making of the smart glasses by both companies will be a part of both company’s multi-year partnership.

Details Of The Smart Glasses

The product will be marketed as a ray ban product. The product also is not expected to have an integrated display function but it may feature a voice assistant feature. From what we have learned so far, these pairs of glasses will work by pairing with a smartphone. In a blog post, the company. Facebook, confirmed that the smart glasses will be a combination of innovative technology with a fashion-forward style. And it will also help people in connecting with friends and family better.

For the main time, Facebook will not be sharing any more info about the name of the glasses or just how much they will cost. For those persons who think that this partnership of Facebook and Luxottica is in line with the Facebook aria project, well this is false and not true. The testing of aria glasses in public and around its campus however will take place if it hadn’t even begun in the year 2020.


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