Intel I7 – 1185G7 Tiger Lake Prototype Laptop

Are you a tech lover, gaming laptops, or any other type of next-gen tech and stuff? If you are then get in here as I am about to unveil to you one of the best in the game now making the rounds currently on the internet. Have you heard of the Intel i7 – 1185G7 tiger lake prototype laptop? Well if you haven’t, here is your chance. For those persons who have been following the progress of the Intel Company and all of its products, it is no more news that Intel has already debuted its next flagship processor called Tiger Lake. Well, this development was around some weeks ago, not too far though.

Intel I7 – 1185g7 Tiger Lake Prototype Laptop

Intel I7 – 1185g7 Tiger Lake Prototype Laptop

We all know that the Intel i7 – 1185G7 tiger lake prototype laptop is a next-gen tech due to the features it possesses and the way it is built. This laptop is so impressive and well-built that anyone with the right knowledge will easily find it interesting and even wants to get their hands on one. This laptop contains four core and eight threads and it also possesses a base clock of 1.2GHz and also a turbo boost clock of 4.8GHz. Wow, would you look at those numbers, impressive right?

Do you know of the new Xe graphics chip? If you don’t know about it or haven’t heard about it as of yet. Just know that it is the best in what it does currently. And for those persons that know about it and just how important it can be. The laptop, Intel i7 – 1185G7 tiger Lake Prototype, features it. Well, currently this is the best piece of hardware on the laptop. Everything about this laptop is so impressive and this is one of the reasons I said so. The iGPU of this laptop outperforms the seven cores of the Ryzen 7 4700. This very piece of information here makes the Intel i7 – 1185G7 tiger lake prototype laptop very impressive and has kept tech and laptop lovers in awe.

Performance Of The Intel I7 – 1185G7 Tiger Lake Prototype Laptop

During a test carried on this laptop, the piece of tech ran at a 28W thermal design power (TDP). Well just in case you don’t know how to feel about this here it is. It is quite impressive considering and knowing the fact that most laptops that are available on the market today are designed in such a way that they can only run in a 15W mode. Now one may question the reason for the reduction of the TDP of this laptop. If you are thinking that there is no sense to this move, here is something for you. The reduction of the Thermal design power (TDP) of this computer signifies a better battery power with less cooling components associated and confined within the computer. And this in turn, in the process reduces the overall cost of the laptop.

During the benchmarks teats ran against a single-threaded mid-level Ryzen 7 4700U, the CPU performances of both systems were matched. In the multi-threaded benchmarks, on the other hand, the Intel processor edged the Ryzen 7 4700U. However, the Ryzen did particularly well in the single-threaded software. The Intel i7 – 1185G7 tiger lake prototype laptop outperformed the AMD processor by far according to GPU performance. It also outperformed the previous ice lake-based laptop in a 15W mode.




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