Apps like YouTube: Some Finest YouTube Alternatives You Can Use

“Apps like YouTube”. It’s no doubt that YouTube is a great place for streaming videos of any kind on your device. However, it doesn’t always do right due to the data it consumes and will leave wondering.

Well, here’s great news, there Apps like YouTube that you can use to watch as many videos as you want. Have in mind that most of these apps are basically not better than YouTube, however, if you wish to try something new, then you could make a choice and use it.

So, without wasting time, let’s dive into Apps like YouTube and find out the great alternatives that you can use.

Apps like YouTube

Apps like YouTube

Apps like YouTube are the applications or sites that you use in place of YouTube. Some of the apps I will be listing in this article might seem familiar to you, maybe you have an ad of them.

Well, I am here to let you know that it’s great to always try out something new for your eyes. YouTube is actually one of the biggest search engines in the world with awesome videos, so leaving it will seem a bit hard. However, without trying something new, how will know how good it is?

Now, let’s dive into the best alternatives to YouTube that you can use in place of video engines.

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Best YouTube Alternatives

Without wasting much of your time, here’s my list of some great alternatives to be used in place of YouTube;


Vimeo is actually worth you visiting, no matter if you continue to use YouTube. It is the first video site to support high definition videos. And while it includes a selection of use generated fare, Vimeo emphasis is more on good quality content for your viewing.

With Vimeo, you can watch Tv series with high quality. It has an easy to browse search feature that helps to organize videos by channel and category.


Dailymotion is yet another great alternative that you can use alongside YouTube or alone. The platform went live in March 2005 and went viral in just one month. So that means, Dailymotion is quite popular and well known.

Dailymotion is probably the most like for like competitor to YouTube today. On the platforms, videos are being uploaded by both professionals and amateurs using it.

With Dailymotion, videos on the homepage are well organized by category, hot picks, and trending. This way, you can decide the one you’d like to watch.

On Dailymotion, you get to create an account. Have in mind that, the more videos you watch, the more personalized your recommendations will become.


Metacafe is a great YouTube alternative that offers short-form videos. On the site, content includes everything from highlights of the world’s best surfers, product reviews, tips on how to do certain things, and many others.

Metacafe is simple and easy to use. It comes with a fairly great interface that is straightforward with a menu bar. The menu bar links to Popular, Latest, and Trending videos.


Veoh is a YouTube alternative that describes itself as an internet TV company and it originated from Israeli. There are millions of videos and most are professionally produced.

The platform features a wide range of TV content which includes full episodes and clips from shows. In addition to the video content on the site, Veoh has music content across a wide range of music genres. To use, you could the movie section that includes full-length features and others. It is a great alternative to use in the place of YouTube.


TikTok is a big video platform, and believe it not it is actually one of the biggest competitors of YouTube that you can use in 2020. With this app, you can view or stream as many videos as you want both from professional and amateur video makers for free.

However, you need to create an account to use TikTok on your device. Just like most of the apps or sites mentioned in this article, you need to create a profile to use it on your device.


IGTV is a great alternative to YouTube, however, it comes with a twist. It offers vertical, long-form video content that has been created to be streamed on smartphones.

Have in mind that you can browse videos on IGTV using the app, however, uploading videos to the TV using a desktop is very much allowed. On IGTV, you can follow channels to video their contents or browse through to find new videos. IGTV is a feature with Instagram, so that means you need to create an Instagram profile to watch and stream videos.

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