First Cuphead Trailer Shows on Netflix – Cuphead Trailer Details

The First Netflix Cuphead Trailer Shows on Netflix. As of summer, 2019, Netflix now announced their upcoming original series that was called the Cuphead show that, as its title stated, is based on the hit game Cuphead.

First Cuphead Trailer Shows on Netflix

The series is based on comedy features the same retro art style as the game, which was inspired by the Fleischer cartoons of the 1930s. Fast-Forward two years and Netflix has finally launched a teaser of the trailer of the show.

First Cuphead Trailer Shows on Netflix

This series was the first to launch during the Netflix Geeked week event that took place in 2019, so it’s fitting that the first trailer would be revealed as a part of this year’s Geeked Week. The trailer was introduced by Wayne Brady that voices king Dice; the central character featured in the new trailer.

The trailer entails the king Dice, the Devil’s right-hand man, stepping on stage to begin the gameshow, calling to stage an audience member. Though the teaser is short, it offers the game fans the chance to see what they should be expecting from the series, which appears to faithfully stick to both the style and the flamboyant, grandiose nature of Cuphead.

Cuphead Trailer Details

King Dice happens to be a prominent figure that is in the Cuphead game; he makes his first appearance in the opening cutscene, he’s a gatekeeper for all the Die House, and he’s a boss battle in the game stage “All Bets Are off!” it’s no surprise, then, that the show based on the game that would be King Dice as a major character.

In its initial announcement about the Cuphead Show, Netflix said it series will expand on the characters and world we first saw that is in a hit video game. Cuphead and Mugman and would be the central characters in the show, which would chronicle their unique misadventures, as stated by the company. The series is now presented as coming soon.


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