Epic is looking forward to Fortnite Players Best UFO Photography – Epic Fortography Contest

Epic is now looking forward to Fortnite Players Best UFO Photography. Epic recently announced their first Fortography Contest for their latest chapter 2 – season 7. This latest challenge, as you would expect, involves the new alien theme in the game, and it includes its UFOs, futuristic Weapons, and alien characters. It is no surprise that Epic is making the theme the subject of their Fortography challenge that is kicking off this season.

Epic is looking forward to Fortnite Players Best UFO Photography

Epic is looking forward to Fortnite Players Best UFO Photography

Epic has recently been issuing Fortography challenges for quite some time now. Players are now being tasked with capturing all the notable shots coming from the battle royale island, ones that fit a particular theme that the company periodically announces available on social media. The company also monitors the images that all the players would submit and highlights the ones that it likes the most available on the blog.

For the first season of the challenge, Epic has now started calling all the players to submit their best chapter 2 season 7 screenshots, ‘meaning that you have to consider freedom in what you choose to photograph. The company does indicate that the screenshots should involve details concerning the new items and characters that would introduce with the new season, such as battles that involve futuristic weapons or dramatic shots with UFOs.

Epic Fortography Contest

As with the previous challenges, players would also get to submit their screenshots on Twitter making use of the #Forography hashtag, although Epic stated it would also be watching for further screenshots that have been posted on the FortNiteBR subreddit that now features the Fortography flair. The selected screenshots that would be shared on the Fortnite blog on June 25.

While you would also capture the screenshots during gameplay, it is much easier for you to play a game than scrub back through recordings of the matches other find a particularly dramatic or interesting scene. The players would also use the game’s Replay mode to change the camera’s position, the scenes that are not ordinarily made available in the video gameplay.


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