Farmside Springs Up In Apple Arcade

Farmside springs up in Apple Arcade. And according to players, this game really does grow up on you.

Farmside Springs Up In Apple Arcade

Farmside Springs Up In Apple Arcade

Farmside which is a farming life simulator game on Friday took root on Apple Arcade. And if you are a subscriber to Apple Arcade, then you can play this game for free, with no ads, or in-app purchases.

The game Farmside as you should know was developed by Team17 USA and the game is a classic farming sim just like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. You get to inherit a farm from your grandfather in Farmside and you would have decided to leave the modern world to take up a simpler life on the farm, which kind of sounds really lovely. You then get to plant and harvest crops, raise animals and decorate your farm just as you wish.

Farmside Gameplay

The game gives players tasks and they will gain access to more equipment and crops as they complete the said tasks. One of the tasks in this game is “Adopt a chicken.” With this task, you get to adopt a chicken and care for it really hard that you don’t even know.

Farmside is the type of game that you play to unwind from a really long day or week. With this game, there is no stress, no rush and there is plenty of music to get your mind off whatever it is that ails you.

Apple Arcade Adds New Games and Updates Every Week

Apple Arcade adds new games and updates every single week. And if you are interested in trying out apple arcade, you can easily get a three-month free trial when you purchase a new device, or one month free if you are signing up for it for the very first time. All you have to do is to open the app store and tap on the joystick icon located at the bottom of the screen in order to launch the service.


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