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Seeing this header right now, so many of us will be very confused because most people don’t know about the Facebook Yearbook. If you are a fast thinker, I assure you that you may understand what this is all about but still I will explain it in detail to us all.

Facebook Yearbook - Facebook Memories
Facebook Yearbook – Facebook Memories

Before I go into the details by telling you what the Facebook yearbook is, I also want to tell every one of us here that this is more like a feature on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Yearbook

As I have said earlier, so many of us don’t know what this is all about but you have nothing to worry about because this article is to update you on stuff like this very one that we have here. Facebook yearbook is a precious memory for going through your Facebook year and creating a yearbook.

This is the easiest way for you to collect your photos on the Facebook platform throughout the year. You can do that just with a click and can you do that? All your photos from a particular year will automatically be collected into a well-designed stylish photo book.

This feature cannot be found on the Facebook platform, you can only access this feature if you have the pastbook app on your device. This app can only be used on iOS devices like the iPhone and the rest but it has a website if you are making use of the web. You can just easily access it through the web form of it.

This feature looks like the Facebook yearly memory, you all know that each year that passes by Facebook normally displays your memories of that year, all the people you became friends with and all that you did on the platform. But the Facebook yearbook does not do that, all that it does is that it is a collection of your previous photos that will be displayed to you if you have the pastbook app on your iOS device.

Pastbook App

You don’t have to be confused about these because I have talked about it already before now. And I said is the app behind the Facebook yearbook, that without the pastbook app, you can’t access this feature. You need the app for you to access the feature. And again if you are not a user of the Facebook platform, you can’t make use of it. This app can be used on Facebook and Instagram to view or view the collections of your previous photos that you have uploaded right from the day you registered for the account.

How to Download Pastbook App

If you think you can find this app on the internet or on your iPhone app store, it is not easy. It is easy only you know their website, that is what I want to tell every one of us to know how you can download the app to your iOS device by visiting the website.

  • On your browser, visit pastbook.com and wait for the site to load.
  • Scroll down a little and click on the option with the app that has an “iPhone App” on it.
  • Then follow the steps that come up from there to download the app into your iOS device.

These are the steps on how you can download the app of the pastbook for your Facebook yearbook photo collections.

How to Acess Facebook Yearbook | Facebook Memories

Now that you know what can be used to access the Facebook yearbook. And you know that is only the pastbook platform that you can use. Now, let us see how you can access it and view your old Facebook past year’s photos in collections. below, you are going to see some steps that will be of help to you.

  • Since the app can’t be downloaded into any other mobile device except iPhone devices. You can just visit Pastbook on any device be it Android or computer.
  • Go down, you will some options “Facebook Books”, “Instagram Books”, “The Books”, and “Year in Review Book”. Click the one with “Year in Review Book” which is the last one.
  • Then click “See your 2019 book” by clicking on the link.
  • Choose the year you want to view your photos. You can either choose Instagram if you want to view your Instagram yearbook.
  • When you might have chosen Facebook, click “Create your Pastbook”.

You have to wait for the process to be completed. After that, you will see the photos as a collection of a photo like a photo album. But to open you will have to click the “Open” button. All that you need to do is to be scrolling so you can see other photos. And you are allowed to share it also well on your Facebook account if you choose to.

You can check it out if you want. But you have to click on the button first but it needs to be paid for. Click continue after clicking the checkout button. And your collection of photos will be delivered to your doorstep after some days.



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