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Speaking of Facebook Template, they were introduced in late 2016 or thereabout, and surely, there is nothing wrong if this is the first time you are hearing of it. Now, to what it is, the Facebook template is a tool that page owners on Facebook can use to show information to customers and potential customers in the best format ever.

Facebook Template

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Facebook Template

The Facebook template has really proven to be a very helpful tool to its users. No matter the format you need, you can get one form of a Facebook template, and if eventually, you do not get one you desire you can always create your own template.

If this is sort of the first time you are hearing about this, we recommend that you go for the Standard template, though there are many others.  The reason we recommend the standard template is because it is almost perfect for most businesses.

Using Facebook Template

Have you seen the template you feel might be the template for your business and contains all the tabs you need? If Yes, then what next? You can try this layout yourself. To do this follow the instructions below,

  1. Go to your Facebook page and head on to settings.
  2. Click on Edit Page.
  3. The template used by your page will be displayed here, and there will also be another edit option.
  4. The edit option lists out all the templates on Facebook. There will be a Template with the Recommended Facebook will tag “recommended” to any template it feels is best for your page, well this doesn’t imply you have to use it.
  5. Browse for the template you want then click on view details then apply.

After completing the above steps, you can now go back to see if the template is just like what you pictured in your mind.

How to Change Facebook Template on your Page

Your Facebook page template will always have default tabs and buttons, though the kind of default tab and button your page has depends on the kind of your page and the business you run there.

You can always change your template whenever you feel like it. Read the instructions below to know how to change the template on your page.

  1. Firstly, log on to your Facebook account and navigate to pages.
  2. Click on the page you want to change its template then click on …more.
  3. Click on Edit Page.
  4. Right next to the template in use, click on the Edit button beside it.
  5. Navigate to the template you would like to use and click on View More.
  6. Click on Apply Template to finalize and save changes made.

Make sure you review all the tabs and buttons in the new template you want to use, then go through all the tabs and buttons, be sure that it has all that you want then you can apply it if you are satisfied with it.

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