Facebook Watch Party Launches Around the World: How to Create Facebook Watch Party

Facebook watch party allows you and your fans, from your Facebook page to watch videos, discuss them and react to them and this is done in real-time. Facebook allows you to enjoy this amazing feature from your Facebook page for free. In this post, we will be showing you how you can create a watch party on your Facebook page.

How to Create Facebook Watch Party

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Facebook Watch Party

The Facebook watch party is not all about what we discussed earlier but a lot more. You can schedule a watch party for later and even add videos, we will be showing you how to do all these in this post. Facebook watch party works perfectly well on the PC web browser but you might encounter some issues if you want to use your mobile phone web browser.

How to Create Facebook Watch Party

Here, we will be putting you through all the steps involved in creating a Facebook watch party from your page. Follow the instructions below to create a Facebook watch party.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and go to the page you want to host from.
  2. Click on Write a Post then on […].
  3. Click on Watch Party.
  4. Click on Add Video. You can add videos by searching or browsing the Live, Saved, Group, Suggested or Watched tab. The Page tab only display videos from your page.
  5. After getting the video, click on Add to Queue right beside it and the video will be added to your watch party.
  6. You can click on View Queue to see the playlist before starting the watch party. This is optional.
  7. Click on Done. You can also add a description or title.
  8. Finally, click on Post.

The most active followers on your page will get an automatic invitation to join your watch party. The invite can either be via a post in the news feed or a direct message.

How to Schedule a Watch Party for later

You can schedule a watch party for later, when you do this, the watch party will begin at the time you set. Follow the instructions below to schedule a watch party for later.

  1. Follow the steps in creating a watch party right up till you are about to click on Post, then click on Schedule.
  2. Fill in the time you want to schedule the watch party.
  3. Additionally, you can add a description or a custom image to the post.
  4. Select Schedule after completing the above then click on Post.

Once your video is already playing (Scheduled or not) you can add a video by simply clicking on Add Video, this will add your selected video(s) to the watch party video queue.

You will be able to see the people watching your watch party just at the bottom of the video. To end your watch party, just click on End Watch Party from […] at the top of your screen and the watch party will end.

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