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Facebook has made life so amazing as you can connect and share with people you know as well as your family and friends. Keeping up with friends is quite so easy on the Facebook Online platform. Also, updates being dropped regularly brings more experience than ever before.

Although, it’s quite surprising as it is being figured out that the online Facebook platform which is now a worldwide social networking service was built by Mark in his own dorm room at Harvard University in 2004.

Facebook Online

Facebook Online

The platform has been on the rise ever since then had 2.8 billion active users monthly. As of recently, relating to the global internet usage ranking according to Alexa, the Facebook Online platform takes the 7th position. There is nothing like it being on the social media platform as you are being given updates on the latest news and events happening around the world.

Facebook Online Business

Lots of people do go online searching for businesses and their products. So, it’s of great importance to find a social platform to showcase your business. As there are many social platforms readily available for such purposes, Facebook’s Online business platform has to be able to stand out due to its popularity. A platform which is having billion of active users monthly and ranked among the top ten global internet usages by Alexa is more than qualified to meet your needs.

It is of every business to reach out to new customers so as to expand greatly. Signing up on the Facebook Online business platform gives you such an opportunity. With a Facebook Online business account, you can reach out to potential customers interacting with them as well as keeping them up to date on your business products and services.

Unlike other platforms where you need to purchase a site to put your business online, Facebook Online business platform is quite different. On the Facebook Online business platform, you are allowed to create an account for free within a few minutes.

To create a Facebook Online business account, you just need to go directly to this page – www.facebook.com/pages/create and then you choose the page type you prefer. Then, you tap on the ‘get started button to move on to the next page. On the next page, you are being requested to fill in the information. Once you are done filling the form, follow the prompts and you are good to go.

Facebook Online Create

Being on the Facebook Online platform has lots of benefits to offer its users. Facebook is more than just finding and interacting with friends for there are other activities that can be run on the platform such as linking your business, finding jobs, playing games, online shopping, and so on. You would be missing out if you’re in this modern age without having a Facebook Online account.

If you would love to be on the top social network in the world, kindly log onto their sign-in page via browser. Then move on to the right-hand side of the page where you fill in your name, email, and password. Thereafter, you are being requested to fill your profile, afterwards, you click on ‘Dave and continue’ to move into the next phase. The next phase requires you to upload a photo, then clicking on ‘save and continue’ when you are done and your account is created.

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