Facebook Online Video Downloader – Features of Facebook Online Video downloader

Have you ever watched a Facebook Online video and wish you can save it to your phone as you would love to watch it over and over again? If yes, then the solution to your problem is a Facebook Online video downloader. With this video downloader, you can download Facebook online videos to your mobile device or your personal computer.

Facebook Online Video Downloader

The Facebook Online video Downloader is a free web-based application working on any mobile device, browser, computer, or operating system that downloads your preferred Facebook videos. Besides, there is also a Facebook Online video downloader app available that can not only download Facebook online videos to your mobile device but also convert them to MP3 format. These special tools can be downloaded from your mobile app store.

The free Facebook Online video downloader

Though not all Facebook Online video downloaders may be tagged free, most I’ve seen do not charge or ask for credit card details whatsoever. They do not require you to set up an account with them. On top of that, it is so safe and secure to download these videos as long as the right tool is being used. Besides, some can also download private Facebook videos which would be discussed as we go further.

The operation of most Facebook Online video downloaders may is quite the same as you just have to open any browser on your device be it Mozilla, chrome, opera, UC, or whatsoever browser, and then log on to their official site. Then copy the video URL from your Facebook page and paste it on the provided input box on the page. Click on the download button on the page to begin the download. It is quite so fast and easy as long as there is an internet network enabled on the phone.

When it comes to downloading private Facebook Online videos, it’s quite a different scenario. Most Facebook Online video downloaders will require you to install a particular extension. This gives you access to download the private Facebook video directly from the page only for the fact that you are given permission to view such video.

Besides, the main reason you need to download it directly from the Facebook page due to the privacy settings being set up on the platform. Except for the Facebook private videos, it doesn’t require you to download any type of software or application. What is needed is just the URL of the Facebook Online video. This makes it so convenient, fast, and easy to use.

Features of Facebook Online Video downloader

There is nothing so interesting as you get to watch those Facebook Online videos that you love right on your device without having to be on the net. This Facebook Online video downloader gives you such permission as you are given access to download your favorite Facebook Online video freely on your device using the video URL.

Like I said earlier, they are completely free and easy to use. Besides, it doesn’t require any application to convert the file as they are being done on the site directly. Unlike other platforms that requires you to fill the registration form or should I say signing up, the Facebook Online video downloader is different as no registration is needed.

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