Facebook Level Up Program – How to Join the Facebook Level Up Program

“Facebook Level Up Program? It sounds like what I have heard before, but I do not know anything about it”. This is what a friend of Mine Sallie said when I asked her about the Facebook level-up program. I am creating a write-up for people who are like Sallie. You may be missing out on an opportunity to make a lot of money if you do not know about this program. This article will give a lot of enlightenment on this.

Facebook Level Up Program

Facebook Level Up Program

First off, Facebook has two programs for emerging gaming creators who want to earn money with their content. You have to join the Level Up creators program first. Once you meet certain requirements in Level Up, you have the opportunity to be promoted to a Facebook Gaming Partner.

Facebook in its quest to catch up with streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube, has added a new feature for creators and their audiences. This feature is called the Facebook level up program. It is for streamers who are just starting out. With this feature, streamers can earn money from their audiences when they purchase and send them virtual goods during their live stream.

How to Join the Facebook Level Up Program

Below are the requirements to join the Facebook level up program

  • The first step is to create a Facebook page under the “Gaming Video Creator” category or convert an existing page to this category. The admin of your page needs to be 18 or older.
  • After that, you will have to stream a minimum of four hours, and over the course of at least two days, within the 14 days prior to applying.
  • Then, acquire a minimum of 100 followers to your page.
  • Make sure that your page has been active for at least of 14 days.
  • Keep your page in good standing by following all of Facebooks’ community standards and partner monetization policies or else your attempt may be unsuccessful.

You’ll be able to track your progress using the Creator Studio dashboard. Once you’ve met all of these requirements, you can visit your Creator Studio dashboard and direct your attention to the left sidebar, click “Apply Now” to join the program.

Creators said that approval to the Level Up program is fairly speedy. Once you are approved, you gain a few benefits that can help kickstart your streaming career, such as:

  • You get a badge added to your page, which will give you credibility within the gaming community.
  • You will unlock the ability to stream in HD (1080p + 60fps).
  • Also, you can monetize all your streams with Facebook Stars viewers can buy Facebook Stars, and then send them to you as a gift each Star is worth $0.01 to the streamer.
  • You access subscriptions from fans and live ads for further monetization once you meet the criteria.

What you need to Know as a Creator

The requirements for this program are fairly easy to meet, but it’s important to take the time to understand the requirements. In order to get approved, your stream will have to pass a type of review called the quality inspection review, which is performed manually by a human.

What Makes a Quality Stream in the Eyes of Facebook

Facebook and other platforms do not tolerate controversial content. That means that you shouldn’t be cussing extravagantly, showing too much skin, or playing niche games that contain particularly taboo subject matter. And you should know and follow facebook‘s community standards.

One other thing that is important to mention is the usage of copyrighted music. Do not do it! If you play music on Facebook, let it be royalty-free. Therefore, you might not be able to play your favorite tracks, but then, there is some pretty good royalty-free music available if you look around.

To Monetise your streams, I recommend that you be as genuine as possible, and then enjoy your stream while you are a member of the level up program. Your primary goal here should be to establish a follower base.

You may recieve stars during your streams, but it will be unwise to put too much weight on your stars. Just create valuable content. People donate to streamers they love watching.



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