Facebook Dating United Kingdom: Activate Facebook Dating | Dating on Facebook 2021

Facebook Dating is in the United Kingdom. You must have heard of the dating platform that was launched by FB Inc as it is no longer news. FB dating, first of all, tells us that FB has a dating platform and this platform is in the United Kingdom, which means FB dating has been launched in the United Kingdom.

Facebook Dating United Kingdom

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Facebook Dating United Kingdom

If you are aware of the FB dating platform, you should also know that it has not yet been launched in all countries of the world. If you are unaware, here is a fact, FB has not launched its dating platform in all the countries of the world.

It has only launched in some countries but it hopes to launch it in other countries soon. The United Kingdom happens to be one of the countries where FB has launched its dating app. This, therefore, brings about the title Facebook Dating United Kingdom.

Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is a space on FB that allows its users to find their match through the things that interest them and their preferences. It is a feature on the FB app that helps its users to make romantic connections through the global social network.

FB dating platform is available to only FB users. This means that if you are not an FB user you cannot engage the FB dating platform. This means that you will need to create a FB account so that you can use the FB dating app.

The FB dating app is not a standalone app. It so inbuilt into the Facebook app. To access the FB app, you will need to first activate FB dating.

Countries that have Launched Facebook Dating

Listed below will include the list of countries in that FB has launched its dating platform in. If your country falls into this list do well to activate FB dating.

  • Thailand.

  • Singapore.

  • Mexico.

  • Peru.

  • Ecuador.

  • Argentina.

  • Bolivia.

  • Brazil.

  • Canada.

  • Columbia.

  • U.S

  • The Philippines.

  • Chile.

  • Italy.

  • Greece.

  • Belgium.

  • Cyprus.

  • Poland.

  • Finland.

  • Ireland.

  • Malta.

  • Spain.

  • Norway.

  • Switzerland.

  • Iceland.

  • Romania.

  • Sweden.

These and others are the countries in that FB has launched its dating app.

Activate Facebook Dating

If FB has launched its app in your country, you have the opportunity of using it to find your right partner, so why not activate FB dating now. I will be showing you how to activate the FB dating app so that you can find the right one. Continue reading this article to find out how.

  • Open the FB app.
  • Then click on the hamburger menu that is at the top right side of your feed.
  • Next, click on dating.
  • Then follow the leadings to set up your FB dating profile.
  • After you have shared your location and chose your photo, your FB dating profile will be generated. This will be done using the information from your main FB account.
  • It is also possible to customize your FB dating profile by adding more information, photos, and even posts from Instagram.
  • Then click on done.

This is how you can activate Facebook dating, so as to find your missing rib.


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