Facebook Advertising Overview – How to Get Started with the Facebook Advertising Campaign

If you are new to the Facebook advertising platform, then this is a guide because I will be guiding you through the Facebook advertising overview. That would guide and help you create your very first advert on the platform. This Facebook advertising overview is a simple guide for beginners which is designed to help them with everything they need to know about Facebook advertising to create their first advert campaign successfully. In this overview I will be answering the following questions;

Facebook Advertising Overview

I will be giving you the answers to these questions in other to help you create a successful advert on the Facebook advertising platform. But first, let’s know what Facebook advertising means.

Facebook Advertising Overview

Facebook advertising overview is about the basics you need to know about the advertising service on the platform. And I would be more than glad to show you the things you need to know about the service.

Facebook advertising is simply the means of creating graphical or visual contents of a product or service to showcase the product or service in action to the general and get interactions and awareness for the brand.

Advertising on Facebook is not really easy but if you have the goal and aim in mind for the awareness or traffic you want for the brand, you would be motivated to make the Ad the best you can.

Facebook is the largest and most popular social network in the world, and it has over 2.2 billion active users so you are likely to reach the ideal client you want for the brand by running Facebook adverts. If you ever consider social networking media advertising, use the Facebook platform, and here are some reasons why;

  • Facebook advertising is very effective.
  • Very easy to set up and also gives fast and positive results.
  • You can reach the ideal client or audience for the brand.
  • Facebook ads are highly customizable.
  • New features to make the advertising platform better are being added every single month.

Facebook ads let you choose the objectives you want for the Advert, the budget, and bidding you wish to set up are up to you. Facebook advertising is very cheap, fast, and effective.

How to Get Started with the Facebook Advertising Campaign?

Getting started with Facebook ads is not really easy but it will be worth the stress of starting with the positive results you can get from it. To get started with Facebook ads, you would need to know the major objective of the ad you want to create, the format to use, and the targeting you want. Let’s dive into the objectives we find on the Facebook advertising platform.

Facebook Advertising Objectives

Facebook advertising objective is categorized into three specs, which include Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Each category has its own objective type in it. Let’s take a look at them;


  • Brand Awareness.
  • Reach.


  • Traffic.
  • Engagement.
  • App Installs.
  • Video Views.
  • Lead Generation.
  • Messages.


  • Conversions.
  • Product Catalog Sales.
  • Store Visits.

The option you choose has your advert objective determines the best part of the ad. If you wish to promote your business on Facebook, then you should be focusing on Awareness and reach.

Facebook Advert Formats

On the advertising platform, there are many formats you can pick from to create the advert. On this page, we will be talking about the formats you can find on the platform, which include;

Photo Ads

All ads on Facebook need to have a photo. But is very important you make use of a relevant and clear image of the product or service to impact the success of the ad. When selecting your image, make sure it’s a simple, attractive and clear image of the product.

Video Ads

Video ads are creating your ads with a video showcasing the product or service in action, you can make use of an inspirational or motivational video to grab the attention of the audience, and make sure it is a quality video.

Slideshow Ads

This ad format is available when you choose a single photo format or video format. It combines multiple photos or videos, you can make you of texts but shouldn’t be above the text limit, enable the sound to capture the audience’s attention and then tell the story. Video ads allow you to create a very high-quality ad without much expense of video production.

Carousel Ad

This format allows you to showcase up to ten videos or photos of the product or service within a single ad and each having its own link.

Collection Ads

This ad format allows the combination of photos, video, or slideshow with the photos of the product taken from a catalog. It allows the audience to interact with the ad and also browse more of the products or learn more about the features of a specific product in a fast-loading, full-screen experience without having to leave the Facebook app.

Canvas Ads

This is an interactive ad that allows the users to engage with the content on Facebook and is available only on mobile devices due to the better interaction with have with mobile devices.

Advertising on Facebook involves using different formats, the above are some of the ad formats you can use to design your Advert.

How to Set up An Ad Account?

Before you would be able to create an advert on Facebook, you would need to have a Facebook advertising account. Creating an ad account is very simple and fast; you can create your ad account by navigating to your Ads Manager Page and follow the instruction below to create an account;

  • From your Ads Manager, click on “Add New” and then “Ad Account”.
  • Provide the details on the “Create Ad Account” form such as the Ad account name, advertising on behalf of, the time zone of the location you are, the currency been used there and the payment method you want to use.
  • Hit on “Create Ad Account” to load.
  • On the next form, add and assign four people in your team to a role on the Ad Account and hit on “Save Changes”.

The Ad account will be created successfully and you can create your Advert from that page.

How to Create my First Advertising Campaign?

Creating an Advert is very simple and fast if you have the goal in mind to help perfect the work. The major motivation you would need in creating your advert on Facebook is the “Target you want to achieve with the Ad”. On this page, we’ll take a look at how we can create a successful Facebook campaign. Login to the Ad Manager Page, tap on the campaigns tab and then “Create” to start, and follow the steps below;

  1. Start by selecting the advertising objective for the campaign you want to create. You can select from any of the objectives listed above on this overview or guide.
  2. Give a name for the advert campaign you want to create.
  3. Set up the Audience targeting. Choose wisely the audience you want to reach with the Advert.
  4. Set the placement for the campaign. By default on the advertising platform, Facebook will set up “Automatic Placements”, which will include Facebook, Instagram, and Audience network but you select the placements you want. The customization includes;


  • Feeds.
  • Instant Articles.
  • In-Stream Videos.
  • Right Column.
  • Suggested Videos.
  • Stories.


  • Feed.
  • Stories.

Audience Network

  • Native, Banner, and Interstitial.
  • In-Stream Videos.
  • Rewarded Videos


  • Inbox.
  • Stories.
  • Sponsored Messages.
  1. Set up the Advert campaign budget, bidding, and scheduling.
  2. Create the Advert Campaign. Make use of any of the formats available on the Facebook advertising platform.
  3. Place the campaign order.

The Advert campaign will be submitted to Facebook to be reviewed. It will be made visible once it has been reviewed and approved by Facebook. You can monitor the performance of the Advert once it has been made live.


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