Expo 2020: Dubai Expo 2021, Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

What is expo 2020? Expo 2020 is a world expo for various countries all over the world to showcase their innovations, creativity, and progress across various industries of life.

Expo 2020

This is the first mega event of its kind to take place in Dubai, the Middle East, Africa, and the South Asia region. The event was originally scheduled for 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021, but due to the pandemic, it was postponed.

Expo 2020

This event is one of the biggest global events to ever take place. The event will take place from the 1st of October and will run through to 31st March 2022. One core objective of the event is to invite and attract visitors from all over the world to join create a new world and in the process experience a six-month celebration of human creativity, progress, culture, and innovation.

In November 2013, Dubai won the bid for the expo Dubai 2021. Various cities however submitted their bids in the time for hosting the event. At the end of the bidding time, Dubai came out victorious clinching 116 votes of the 164 member nations that voted at the assembly.

The expo 2020 in Dubai will have country pavilions which will be the first in the history of world expos. Other countries are also expected to offer their own cultural immersive experiences for visitors. The event will have organization and partner pavilions alongside special pavilions that will be dedicated to various themes of the event.

Reports show that there will be a dedicated mobility district that builds new connections and bridges the gulf with the digital sphere and also facilitates the exchange of ideas. Experiences within the mobility district involve riding futuristic vehicles and also learning about space exploration initiatives like the emirates mars mission and UAE national space program.

What Is the Point Of Expo 2020?

With less than 50 days to go in the Dubai expo 2020, what even is then the point of it all? The point of the expo is all on the theme of “connecting minds, creating the future”. The expo is simply based on the belief that bringing the world together can help catalyze the exchange of new perspectives and also inspire action to help deliver real-life solutions that will lead to real-life challenges and changes.

Expos generally are global events that are dedicated to finding solutions to fundamental challenges facing the human race and this very one is no different. The Dubai expo 2020 global event offers visitors a journey inside a chosen theme via engaging and immersive activities.

The UAE expo is still welcoming visitors from all corners of the earth. And the organizers of the event have estimated that over 20 million people will make their way to the biggest cultural gathering on the planet earth during the six-month run expo.

What Are the Three Themes of Expo 2020

The theme of this year’s expo in Dubai is connecting minds, creating the future. This is the main theme of the six-month-long event, but however, it has three sub-themes which are sustainability, opportunity, and mobility. Under the sustainability segment and sub-theme of the event, the areas under focus are finance capital, industries, employment, governance, and education.

The mobility segment will focus on filling the gap that has been between developed areas and those other areas that require technological and administrative intervention. Lastly, the opportunity sub-theme will focus mainly on highlighting sectors and companies sticking to the main theme of the event and tapping new opportunities.

Dubai Expo 2020 Date

The Dubai expo 2020 will start on the 1st of October 2021 through to 31st March 2022. Therefore at the time of this writing, the expo has already begun. To get more information regarding the Dubai expo dates and more information regarding the event, go to the official website of the Dubai 2020 expo.


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