Explorers Club Discovery Expedition Grants 2024 (Up to $40,000 Grant) – APPLY NOW

Applications are open for the Explorers Club Discovery Expedition Grants 2024. The Explorers Club has partnered with Discovery, Inc. to introduce a brand-new grant program called the Explorers Club Discovery Expeditions grants.

Explorers Club Discovery Expedition Grants

This initiative reflects The Club’s dedication to advancing scientific knowledge for the betterment of humanity and all life on Earth and beyond. It encompasses our commitment to addressing climate change, preventing species and cultural extinctions, and ensuring the well-being of our ecosystems and all their inhabitants. Additionally, we believe that explorers play a crucial role as storytellers.

Explorers Club Discovery Expedition Grants

The grant program will consider fieldwork in various disciplines such as biological sciences, archaeology, anthropology, paleontology, earth sciences, ecology, and astronomy. Moreover, it welcomes exploratory projects that contribute new insights about our planet and its inhabitants, particularly in regions that are currently experiencing significant environmental or cultural transformations.


The grants offered usually fall within the range of $25,000 to $40,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Expedition grants provided by The Explorers Club offer support to researchers and explorers worldwide, empowering them to share their discoveries openly and without any limitations on scientific publication or ownership of research.
  • To apply for these grants, individuals must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years.

Selection Criteria

  • Applications will be assessed based on how well the project or expedition aligns with The Explorers Club’s mission and ethical guidelines.
  • Fieldwork will be evaluated considering its scientific validity, originality, and potential impact, as well as the qualifications of the team leader and members.
  • The proposed project will also be evaluated on its ability to engage and educate a worldwide audience through captivating storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of expeditions are funded?

The program will consider fieldwork in various disciplines such as biological sciences, archaeology, anthropology, paleontology, earth sciences, ecology, and astronomy. It also welcomes exploratory projects that contribute to new knowledge about the planet and its inhabitants, especially in regions experiencing significant environmental or cultural changes.

Although there may be laboratory components involved, the grants provided are primarily intended for field expeditions. This means that the focus should be on conducting research and gathering data in practical outdoor settings.

While fieldwork can be challenging and adventurous, the program will not prioritize projects solely focused on adrenaline sports or physical feats. Instead, it seeks projects with scientific or exploratory objectives.

When should I expect a response after submitting the pre-application?

The grants administrator reviews pre-applications on a monthly basis, which means you can expect to receive a response within 30-45 days. This response will inform you whether you will move forward to the next phase of the process.

How long do I have to carry out my project after the grant is awarded?

In most cases, a project should be completed within one year after receiving the grant.

Can I publish the results of my project in scientific or other academic and technical journals without restriction?

The Explorers Club promotes the scientific and academic publication of project results. They kindly request that you notify them as soon as possible about any upcoming publication dates.

Do I need to be a member of The Explorers Club to apply?

No, membership is not required to apply. However, applicants are warmly welcome and highly encouraged to apply for membership.

How To Apply For The Program

The application process consists of two stages. Initially, you need to complete a pre-application form. If your pre-application is accepted, you will receive an invitation to submit a comprehensive application through their online portal. (Full applications can only be submitted upon invitation.)

Applications are reviewed continuously throughout the year. It is recommended to apply at least six months prior to your planned field dates.

The complete application will encompass the following prerequisites:

  • A concise project title and a project summary comprise a single paragraph.
  • The dates when the expedition begins and ends.
  • A project description of one to two pages, should include the hypothesis and clearly stated methodologies for projects based on scientific principles.
  • An in-depth project budget.
  • Your curriculum vitae (C.V.) along with the C.V. of all team members.
  • The inclusion of a local collaborator as part of your team.
  • A video statement of three minutes was provided by the recipient of the grant.
  • Two letters of recommendation discussing the applicant and their project.
  • Relevant affiliations.
  • Any necessary permits required for conducting your expedition or project in the proposed country.
  • The applicant’s social media handles and website.
  • Any pertinent maps and visual documentation of the project site.

For more information visit the Official website.

Application Deadline

On Rolling Basis.

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