20 Exciting Easter Basket Ideas for Tween & Teens In 2023

This article contains 20 exciting easter basket ideas for tweens & teens to make them feel so loved and special. Generally, it can be challenging to come up with easter gifts for kids as they grow older.

Exciting Easter Basket Ideas for Tween & Teens

Lots of parents find themselves online with their smartphones searching for what to put in their kid’s easter baskets. However, we are here to help you as we have put together 20 basket gift ideas to make your kids happy.

20 Exciting Easter Basket Ideas for Tween & Teens

I have been using the word kids, but it is a gift idea for tweens and teens. Though they are kids but not toddlers.

Tweens are approximately 9-12 years old, and they are likely to share their interest and preferences. And one of the good things about easter baskets for tweens is you can support their interest, ideas, and creativity with gifts they can use. Scroll down and see the existing gift idea for teens and tweens so far:

Easter basket gift idea for teens

We have to categorize them to make your shopping easy. Some of the teens have become a difficult task for parents. It can be challenging to get what they want and need. They range in age from 13 to 19 years old. Here are our top picks for teens to put in their Easter baskets:


At this age (13 to 18 years old) they become so inquisitive, they want to know everything and become socialized. So, getting them a smartphone will make them feel so excited and grateful.

Talking of experience, when I was a teen, I always want my parents to get me a good smartphone. I always dreamt of that day when my parents will call me and said, “success this smartphone is yours”. Sadly, it did not come to pass. But I was able to get myself when I started working in my 20s. So, getting your teen a smartphone will be great, mostly for school assignments.



Headphones are also a nice gift to give your teens as at this stage they began to love music. Some of them like dancing as well. However, they developed a different interest. So, don’t be surprised they will be so happy when you get them a headset to play music and listen to other things they want to. They like being isolated at this stage of life, and also want to try out everything they see online.



They also have a taste in clothes. So, you can discuss with your teens and ask them about their likeness in clothes. I can still remember during the easter holiday when am still a teen when dad and mum called us and asked us about our taste in clothes. We all made our request but did not still get it because our taste was not our parents’ choice. I believe you are smiling right now, but that’s the truth. This special holiday, try to make your teens happy by getting them their choice of clothes.


Rose Heart Necklace Gifts

Teens love fashion, so you getting them rose heart necklaces as easter gifts will be great. The necklace is the perfect gift not only to express your love but also to express your love for your teens.


Hair Claw Clips

You can as well get your female teens a hair claw clip. These hair claw clips help them pack their hair and make them look beautiful for their parents.


Photo Clip String Lights

Teens love it when their room is well-designed and shining. So, you getting these lights on their easter basket gift will be great.


Skincare Mini Fridge

You can fuel their skincare obsession with this skincare mini fridge. Most teens now want to glow, and they need the right skincare product to make them glow. So, you can get them this skincare mini fridge as it is good on every skin.


Tortillas Blanket

You can as well get them a blanket; they like it when their bed is neat. So, changing their bedsheet and pillowcase will be great this easter season. This blanket is soft, lightweight, and of good quality.


Sunflower String Bracelets

As I have stated before, teens love fashion, and getting them these brackets will really make them happy. They will like to show it to their friends and express so much love for the gifted.


Easter Snacks Box Variety Pack

They also love food, mostly when it is ordered online. So, getting them a snack box won’t be bad. However, you can as well choose to split this package into a few baskets to turn it into a group gift.


10 Exciting Easter Basket Gift for Tween

Tweens are approximately 9 to 12 years, and we have a nice gift for them, below are good gifts to add to the easter basket to surprise them:

Teddy bear

There is a stage you will grow into as a child, you will begin to have an interest in different things. However, tweens will like to have a teddy bear as an easter gift.


Bunny Paint Your Own Squishies Kit

For tweens that love the artwork, you and add this to their easter basket gift. The DIY squishy kits empower crafters, painters, and makers of all ages. However, your tween or teen will know the difference!


RC Toys Easter Basket Stuffers

These toy easter basket stuffers will be great for your boy and girl. It is lightweight and makes it easy to fly with simple operation, mostly designed for beginners like little kids. Furthermore, the aircraft wings are well-made with high flexibility and resistance to meet little kids’ needs.


Nutty Toys Squishy Cat Set

This is the top stress relief sensory gift for 2023. These toys are built with the highest quality silicone to the highest quality standards. So, you can get it for your kids this easter.


Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pink

You can get your tweens this Crayola light-up tracing pad pink. However, it features 1 1 graphite pencil, 12 short colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets, 10 blank sheets, and 1 graphite pencil.


WATERSLIDE Set of 12 Pull-Back Cars

Each toy colorful egg has a different car, suitable for a variety of unlimited play scenarios for children. Furthermore, it is so an exciting and great gift for all boys and girls.


Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr

Educational Insights toys and games make a great gift for Easter. It is available for toddlers, tweens, teens, adults, and more.


Nutty toys 8 pk Pop Tubes Sensory Toys

Teach the kids letters and shapes with this educational stem. However, it is the perfect easter gift to add to their basket as a gift.


Sheliky Bunny Socks

These socks are well-designed for your tweens. However, it is pretty cute slipper socks. Thick fleece, warm and comfortable to wear.


TONYMOLY Petit Bunny Gloss Bar

Not only are these long-lasting gloss bars seriously moisturizing but they’re also seriously cute! However, you can get them on tween easter baskets.



These gift lists are meant for kids under 9 to 13 and 14 to 19. However, you can check out the gift list above and pick some for your teens and tweens.

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