20 Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers In 2023

Getting gifts for toddlers can be challenging because they can’t speak for themselves. So, we have decided to help you with the top 20 easter gift ideas for them. Furthermore, you will be able to get something useful and valuable for your toddler with the list below.

20 Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers

 20 Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers In 2023

This question has been the talk online, what should be given to a toddler for Easter? Mostly asked by new parents who it’s their first time having a baby.

Toddlers are 1 to 3 years old. And with our research and experience, we have put together a nice easter gift you won’t regret buying for your toddlers.

Easter Educational Gifts for Toddlers

You can get a mix of educational gifts for your toddler, who is just trying to pronounce words. Some of these educational gifts include:

Montessori-style wooden toys

Lots of parents have forgotten about Montessori-style wooden toys. This toy is so educative to toddlers. It teaches them how to pronounce words and also helps them identify letters.


Wooden Carrot Toy

This wooden carrot toy is best for your toddler during the Easter holiday. It is a magnetic carrot game that children can easily understand.


Silly stuff

You can as well get a silly toy for your toddlers. These can be used during the summer as activities to entertain your toddlers. Make your little ones happy by getting them this gift.


Special-occasion outfits

Who does not want his little angel to look good and smart? You can gift your baby Easter wear for service. Either shop online or in-store. But if you want to shop online, go to Amazon.


Sweet treats

You can make a sweet dish for your baby on Easter Sunday after service. Make sure the food is well stocked with good ingredients.


Plushy bunnies

Plushy bunnies are another good gift to give to toddlers this Easter. These toys are soft and can be placed close to their bed.


Exciting Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers

There are other amazing gifts for your baby to make him or her happy. Below are some of the gifts so far:

Games for Toddlers

There are exciting games for toddlers that are well-designed and make you feel happy. Every parent smiles for no reason when they see their toddler smiling. However, some of these games include Simon Says, Hot and Cold, Hokey Pokey, etc.


Car Seat for Toddler

You can as well get your baby a car seat. Though you must care for and protect them, gifting them something worth it is also cool.


Sleep sack for toddler

This is another gift for toddlers. A comfortable sleep sack will be a great Easter gift for your baby. A comfortable sleep sack also offers you peace of mind. Even if your baby has one, you can still get them another.


Bombas Toddler Sunset Stripe Socks

This is one of the best Easter socks for toddlers. It has different colors that will amaze you, and you know toddlers need stocks now and then.


Little Pajamas

You can as well get your baby these little Easter rabbit pajamas. However, you can wear them out on Easter Sunday services.


Toddler headband

For females, you can get them headbands to wear to service, as Easter is always Sunday. However, they are easy to wear and will look cute on your baby.


Set of feeding bottles

You can as well get your toddler a set of feeding bottles. However, for those relatives and friends with toddlers, you can get them a set of feeding bottles. You can get them online.


Learning Resources: Peekaboo Learning Farm

This is a set of 5 adorable farm animal finger puppets, including a cow, pig, chicken, and more. It helps educate your toddler.


KIDS PREFERRED Peter Rabbit Soft Book

This book comes with teethers and crinkles, and it’s the perfect gift for your toddler. However, this car seat and stroller toy are ideal for baby showers.


Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal

Shop now and save up to 32% on Amazon. This stuffed animal is a great gift for your toddler. However, this plush bunny stuffed animal toy has been crafted with superior materials.


Simple Joys by Carter’s Babies

Cotton pajamas are not flame-resistant. Furthermore, it helps keep children safe, so cotton pajamas should always fit snugly.


Books with picture

You can get toddlers books with story pictures and teach the stories. Furthermore, these books have differently designed and also well designed to educate your child.


Easter Bath Bombs with Surprise Toys

These essential oil bath bombs make bath time fun and relaxing for kids. However, the kid’s bubble bath bombs gift set is great for easter.


‘A Very Happy Easter’ by Tim Thornborough

Easter isn’t all about huge, mystical bunnies and funeral potatoes for some people. Tim Thornborough and Jennifer Davidson’s book A Very Happy Easter, which simplifies the biblical story for babies and young children, bring the holiday’s origin story to life.



Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and it is all about love. However, Christ laying down His life for us is a symbol of love. likewise, we ought to show love in every remembrance of his resurrection. And also, toddlers are kids to show love to. The Easter festival is around the corner, you can go through the list above and pick on something for your kids.

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