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Have you heard of the event organizer app, which is also called the event planner app? However, this organizer helps to manage events/party by managing tasks, guests list, etc.

Event Organizer App
Event Organizer App

In this article, we are going to be listing out the top 15 event organizer apps, both for Android and iPhone. Some are also free.

What is Event Organizer App?

When you hear the word planner app, what comes to your mind? However, an event planner app is software that helps manage your event. For events like weddings, graduations, etc. it works by managing tasks, guest lists, budgets, and vendors of that party.

However, it ensures the party goes smoothly by using the best and most compatible venues, and catering services, and hiring performers.

Types of Event Management Software

Event management software is designed to streamline and automate various tasks associated with planning and organizing events. There are several types of event management software available, each catering to specific needs and requirements. Here are some common types:

Event Registration Software

This type of software focuses on managing the registration process for events, including online registration forms, attendee tracking, ticketing, and payment processing.

Event Planning Software

Event planning software helps with the overall organization and management of events. It may include features such as task management, budgeting, venue selection, vendor management, and logistics coordination.

Event Marketing Software

Event marketing software assists with promoting and marketing events. It may include tools for email marketing, social media integration, promotional campaigns, and analytics to measure marketing efforts.

Event Mobile Apps

These are specialized mobile applications designed to enhance the attendee experience by providing event information, schedules, speaker profiles, networking opportunities, and interactive features like live polling or Q&A sessions.

Event Analytics and Reporting Software

This type of software focuses on collecting and analyzing data related to events. It helps organizers track attendance, engagement metrics, revenue, and other key performance indicators to evaluate event success and make data-driven decisions.

Venue Management Software

Venue management software is specifically designed for managing and scheduling venues. It may include features such as availability tracking, contract management, floor plan design, and resource allocation.

Event Ticketing Software

This software handles ticket sales and distribution for events. It allows organizers to create and sell tickets online, manage seating arrangements, and track ticket sales and revenue.

Virtual Event Platforms

With the rise of virtual events, virtual event platforms offer features for hosting and managing online events. These platforms often include live streaming capabilities, virtual exhibit halls, networking tools, and interactive features for virtual attendees.

10 Best Event Organizers App Android


This app allows you to discover, create, and manage events. However, it offers features like ticketing, event promotion, and attendee management.


Meetup helps you find local events and groups based on your interests. Moreover, you can join various communities and attend events organized by them.


Eventzilla is an all-in-one event management platform that lets you create and promote events, sell tickets, and manage registrations. It is one of the best, you can get on your play store and see the review.


With Eventful, you can search for a wide range of events happening near you. However, it covers various categories, including concerts, sports, festivals, and more.


Cvent is a comprehensive event management solution that allows you to create, promote, and manage events. It offers tools for event registration, marketing, and analytics.


Eventbase is a popular event app that provides information about conferences, festivals, and other large-scale events. It offers features like schedules, maps, and personalized agendas.


Eventdex offers event management solutions for both in-person and virtual events. It includes features such as registration, ticketing, networking, and lead retrieval.


EventBank is a versatile platform that covers event management, membership management, and CRM (customer relationship management) tools. It is suitable for both small and large events.


EventFlow is a user-friendly app that allows you to create and manage events effortlessly. It offers features like ticketing, attendee management, and event communication.

Event Planner (by Zoho)

Zoho’s Event Planner is a comprehensive app that enables you to organize events, send invites, track RSVPs, and manage event details efficiently.

Remember to read user reviews, explore the features, and consider your specific requirements when choosing the most suitable event organizer app for your needs.

5 Best Free Event Planning Apps for 2023

Here are the top 5 free event organizer apps for 2023 you can get without stress:


This event organizer helps you plan and track all your events. However, it lets you share information with others so that everyone can be aware of what’s happening.

Furthermore, it features real-time updates and notification, allocates resources effectively, share ideas, files, and documents, create task dependencies, etc.


Airtable is an amazing app that offers you need to streamline your workflow and achieve ambitious outcomes with ease. However, it offers lots of advantages over other software options. It can share tables with 0thers easily, import data from various sources, create powerful reports and graphs, and more.

However, it features cooperating simply with other Airtable users to make your app a reality and be able to data, processes, and workflows with ease, etc.


This is another amazing event organizer app that let you register attendees online. However, it helps achieve events from start to end and manages promotion to create the most engaging and organized events ever.

However, it features to keep track of everything related to your event, whose app for both mobile and desktop devices, etc.


The ConfTool is an event organizer app that helps ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.  However, it features deals and discounts on the latest products and services and manages event amenities, venues, catering, and more.

However, it is flexible and it has a customer support team which is also very responsive.


This is another event organizer app that helps create an overview of your projects so you can focus on the important stuff.

It features easy to use interface and abundant resources, saves time with a speedy checkout process, and easy online payment options.


What Are the Key Features of An Event Organizer App?

Key features of an event organizer app may include event scheduling, guest management, task management, budget tracking, vendor management, ticketing and registration, event promotion, venue selection, agenda creation, and real-time communication.

How Can an Event Organizer App Help Me?

An event organizer app can help you in several ways. It simplifies event planning and management, improves communication between organizers and attendees, enables efficient task delegation and tracking, provides tools to manage budgets and expenses, and offers centralized access to event-related information.

Can I Create and Share Event Invitations Through the App?

Yes, most event organizer apps allow you to create and customize event invitations within the app. You can include event details, RSVP options, venue information, and other relevant details. These invitations can be shared via email, SMS, social media, or other communication channels.

Can I Manage Guest Lists and Registrations Through the App?

Yes, event organizer apps typically include guest management features. You can create and manage guest lists, send invitations, track RSVPs, and manage attendee information. Some apps also offer ticketing and registration functionalities for paid events.

How Can I Collaborate with Other Organizers or Team Members Using the App?

Event organizer apps often provide collaboration features that allow you to invite and collaborate with other organizers or team members. You can assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress within the app. Additionally, real-time communication tools like chat or messaging features may be available.

Does The App Provide Budget Tracking and Expense Management Features?

Yes, many event organizer apps offer budget tracking and expense management features. You can set a budget, track expenses, categorize costs, and monitor your overall spending. This helps you stay within budget and avoid overspending.

Can I Promote My Event Through the App?

Yes, event organizer apps may include event promotion features. You can utilize social media integration, email marketing, or push notifications to spread the word about your event. Some apps also provide event website creation tools or integration with popular event listing platforms.

Is It Possible to Integrate the App with Other Platforms or Services?

Depending on the app, integration with other platforms and services may be available. Common integrations include payment gateways for ticketing, calendar applications for scheduling, CRM systems for guest management, and social media platforms for the promotion.

Is There Customer Support Available If I Encounter Issues With The App?

Most event organizer apps offer customer support services to assist users with any issues or questions they may have. This can include email support, in-app chat support, or a dedicated support portal. Some apps may also provide help documentation or video tutorials for self-assistance.



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