Google’s new Project Starline Prototype Looks like a Large TV

Google’s new Project Starline prototype looks like a large TV and not a giant booth as earlier reports have claimed. The prototype is something that can easily fit in an office or even a conference room.

Google’s new Project Starline Prototype

Google’s new Project Starline Prototype

Google has just revealed a whole new, smaller version of its Project Starline 3D telepresence technology as part of its loads of updates that were announced at Google I/O.

The Project Starline n many scenarios in the past have been described as a video chat booth simply because it was a booth that you could actually sit in to directly talk to lifelike holographic projections of another person. Many testers had to sit in the Starline booth last October, and they all thought that it was really impressive. But this very new Starline prototype looks something more like a big TV that I can more reasonably imagine fitting in an office or even a conference room.

Other Changes with the New Prototype

And in addition to the smaller size of the prototype, the updated Starline apparently does not require the form of any special array of infrared light emitters and cameras that were used by the version of the technology that was last tested. But instead, the new prototype makes use of “new AI techniques” that lets Starline rely on “a few standard cameras” instead, as per a blog post from Andrew Nartker, Starline GM.

Google Has Already Shared the New Prototypes with a Host of Companies

Nartker states that Google already has shared the new prototypes with Salesforce, T-Mobile, and WeWork, but since it hasn’t been tried by a selected few aside from the mentioned companies, I can’t vouch for how it compares to the giant booth-size version that was seen and tested earlier. The blog post from Nartker also does not say anything in regards to if or when Starline will be widely available, so it is still unclear if it will ever be something that you will actually be able to purchase.

It is still however very much interesting to see that tech giant, Google is still continuing to pour money into Starline which is a technology that obviously does make for a more natural-feeling virtual type of conversation even as many companies have asked their employees to return back to the office and this is also including Google, I am also very curious to see whether Starline will become a real product someday down the line.

The Technology Behind Google Starline

Tech Company Google has stated that it is applying research in computer vision, machine learning, and spatial audio as well as real-time compression. The effect of all these put together is the feeling of a person that is sitting just across from you.

How Much Will the Google Starline Project Cost

It is expected to have a market launch in 2024. and with that being said, the Starline prototype that has been shown so far is expected to cost around the region of $10,000. Google however is at the moment trying to cut down the technology and then make it more affordable. And according to various rumors, an official market launch of the product is set t take place in 2024 together with its Project Iris mixed reality headset.


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