Entry Level Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship – How to Apply Now

You can get entry-level jobs in the USA with Visa sponsorship by following the right steps given in this article. Do you know that you can get into the United States of America even if you do not have all the knowledge and skills required to be called a professional?Entry Level Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

Apart from this information, you will also get details on the type of entry-level jobs available across the United States of America. By getting an entry-level job, you will not just get good pay in a foreign currency, but you will be allowed to increase or enhance your skills and rise through the ladders.

Entry Level Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

As one of the biggest nations in the world, the United States of America welcomes both skilled and unskilled, talented and educated foreigners to their country. This will help them become even more progressive, as more workforce is beneficial to their economy.

Therefore, if you‘re thinking of moving to a country abroad, consider going to the United States of America.

Let’s start with a proper definition of entry-level jobs;

What is an Entry Level Job?

An entry-level job is a job that only requires minimal education, training, and experience. These jobs are present in every industry. Although some entry-level jobs might require more qualifications than others, the fact is that they are given without total consideration of the full qualification of the field of study in mind.

These jobs are given to people to help them gain more knowledge or training.

Entry-level jobs will help you advance your career path by teaching you new skills that will prepare you for the next step in your career and one day fulfill your dreams of being your boss.

Advantages of Having an Entry Level Job in the United States of America

The following are some benefits of getting these types of jobs;

Good Standard of Living

When you move to the USA, you will get a better lifestyle and a better standard of living to a greater extent. Sometimes a lifestyle change is something we need to get new ideas and become better people.

You Will be Given Opportunities to Experience Different Cultures

There are so many cultures in the United States of America. Working in the United States allows you to access the owners of these cultures and share in their culture.

IT will be very wonderful the cultures of different types of Americans. These experiences will further broaden your knowledge.

You Will Learn New Languages

Living and working in the United States of America gives you access to diverse languages. This will allow you to learn new languages apart from your native language and English.

Making Money in Foreign Currency

This is one of the most exciting advantages of living and working in the United States of America. The dollar is a very strong currency especially when it is compared to the currency of some developing countries. Making money in dollars will offer better to you than you can ever imagine.

It Adds More value to your CV or Resume

Working in the USA gives your resume more weight. It will help you stand out from the crowd and give you preference as one who has international experience.

It Will Expand your Professional Network

A good professional network is a very powerful tool for your professional life. This network will let you know of vacancies and they will put in good word for you when you are applying for new positions.

How to Get a Secure Entry-Level Job in the United States of America

There are three different ways to get an Entry Level Job in the United States of America. These ways are;


To get sponsorship from an employer in the United States of America, you must apply for a job from your home country by creating an American-style resume and cover letter. This will show your new employer that you can adapt to a new environment.

After you have done this, you can now proceed to search for USA job vacancies on job search websites, or you can contact recruiting agencies.

After you have done this, you can get an offer for an interview online. Employers usually schedule online interviews for candidates who live outside the United States of America.

Temporary Visa

If you ace your interview and get a job offer, your employer will have to file a petition on your behalf with the USCIS (The US Citizens and immigration service) If you are not yet eligible. The USCIS will have to approve your employer’s petition before you can apply for a VISA. If you do not wait for this approval, your VISA application will be denied.

Once your petition has been approved, you will be required to submit necessary documents like your passport, travel, and work history and complete an online application.

Green Card

A green card is a document that authorizes a foreigner to live and work in the USA permanently. This Green card can be applied online. The Green card lottery program called the Diversity immigrant VISA program selects applicants randomly and grants approximately 50,000 Green cards every year.

If you are already working with a temporary VISA in the United States of America, you can apply for a green card. It allows you to stay and renew your VISA or return to your country.

Top Entry-Level Jobs in the United States of America for Foreigners

Here are some entry-level positions in massive demand in the United States of America;

Information Security Analyst

The demand for these experts in the United States of America is very high. These professionals carry out security measures that protect the networks and systems of the company’s computers.

The average annual salary of these professionals ranges from $100,000 to $105,000.

Nurse Practitioner

The major duty of nurse practitioners is to perform a physical examination, and lab tests, analyze results, prescribe medicine, and authorize treatments. This job Is usually divided into different specializations such as adult, and generic health, pediatric health, or mental health.

The average annual salary of these professionals ranges from $108,000 to $113,000.

Physician Assistant

These people diagnose illnesses and develop and carry out treatment plans. They also assist in surgical procedures and guide patients;

The average annual salary of these professionals ranges from $110,000 to $120,000.

Medical and Health Services Manager

The major job of mental health services managers is to hire staff members, manage budgets, create goals for a department and increase the efficiency of health services. They also manage a practice for a group of doctors, manage a medical facility, or manage a department.

The average annual salaries of these professionals range from $102,000 to $106,000.

Software Developer

This a job for people who are creative, innovative, and technical enough to succeed in their field. They must write codes or fix bugs to make it work better;

The average annual salary of these professionals ranges from $108,000 to $112,000.

Data Scientist

These people use technology to interpret insights from large amounts of data they collect;

The average annual salary of these professionals ranges from $95,000 to $100,000.


Statistics is the science of using data to make decisions. It is relevant in almost all fields of work and there are lots of employment opportunities in this field.

The average annual salary of statisticians ranges from $90,000 to $94,000.

How to Get a Job in The USA Online

There are lots of websites in the United States with which you can apply for jobs. Here are the steps to follow to get the best results out of this process;

  • Create a list of your top five companies in the United States of America and your desired position
  • Now, review, align and modify your resume to suit the USA standard
  • Apply for the position if it is open
  • With Linkedin, you can network with employees of the companies
  • Now, request for interview information
  • Follow up on your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Criteria for Getting a Job as A Foreigner in the USA?

Some of the basic criteria for getting a job in the United States are;

  • A bachelor’s degree from a reputed university in your home country
  • Relevant work experience in your field.
  • A strong command of the English language both written and spoken
  • A valid ID cards
  • The ability to shift and relocate to the United States of America
  • A valid passport and work VISA.

What Are the Top Entry Level Jobs in The USA for Foreigners with the Highest Number of Vacancies?

Some of the top entry-level positions in the United States of America and their average annual salaries are;

  • Product Manager – Median Annual Base Salary: $89,000.
  • Data Science – Median Annual Base Salary: $95,000.
  • Software Engineering – Median Annual Base Salary: $90,000.
  • Business Analyst – Median Annual Base Salary: $77,761.
  • Administrative Assistant – Median Annual Base Salary: $48,777.

Which Cities in the United States Have the Highest Entry Level Jobs?

Cities in the United States of America with the highest vacancies for entry-level jobs are;

  • New York
  • Houston
  • Phoenix
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • Indianapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Dallas
  • Chicago

Are There Entry-Level Jobs in The USA For Foreigners?

Of course, there are entry-level jobs in the United States of America. The ultimate guide in this article will help you get these jobs.



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