Enjoy Live Music and Shows with This Excellent Black Friday Deal Loop Experience Ear Plugs

Enjoy live music and shows with this excellent Black Friday deal. The Loop Experience ear plug has really made and helped me to enjoy live shows as well as loud concerts without any form of painful ringing in my ears. That said, my love for loud live music has been upgraded.

Enjoy Live Music and Shows

Enjoy Live Music and Shows

Now that it’s much safer to do so, I have really been getting back out and even seeing more live music and shows. But as much as I have really loved hearing my favorite bands live, I did not like the way my ears rang the next morning or the feeling that I was damaging my hearing potentially. So, in preparation for a show in the early parts of this year, I picked up two pairs of Loop Experience ear plugs for my wife as well as myself.

I opted for Loop Experiences simply because I liked the washable, reusable design and was also lured by the promise of noise reduction without really muffling incoming sound. I paid the complete price at the time and they have since been worth every penny, but they are an even better pre-Black Friday deal currently at 20% off.

 Black Friday Deals on Loop Experience Ear Plugs

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Engage Kids Earplugs PRICE: $34 – SHOP NOW

-20% $19.95 Loop Quiet Ear Plugs for Noise Reduction  – SHOP NOW

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Loop Engage Earplugs for Conversation PRICE: $34.95 – SHOP NOW

PRICE: $24.95   Loop Quiet Equinox Earplugs – SHOP NOW

Experience Ear Plugs for Concerts  -20% $27.95 – SHOP NOW

8 Ear Tips in XS/S/M/L – 26dB & NRR 14 Noise Cancelling – -20% $19.95 – SHOP NOW

Cabony Ear Plugs for Noise Reduction – PRICE $11.99- SHOP NOW

Audree Soft Ear Plugs for Noise Reduction-  -28% $17.98 – SHOP NOW

Loop Earplugs Quiet Bundle (2-Pack) – SHOP NOW

Loop Earplugs Ultimate Plus Bundle – SHOP NOW

Specs and Features of the Loop Experience Ear Plugs

I have reportedly worn my Loops to see an 11-piece techno marching band as well as Run The Jewels, which is kind of my favorite hip-hop duo of the moment. I have also taken them into thumping Las Vegas nightclubs and tiny jazz clubs in New Orleans. And in every place time and instance, they have really served me well.

I have been able to hear the music clearly without any hiccups, almost as if I really was not wearing earplugs at all, but also without the annoying ringing after the show even when standing fairly and very close to a speaker (or trombone). And even more impressively, I am now able to hear and talk to the people around me without having to the Loops out.

Why You Should Get the Loop Experience Ear Plugs

Loop Experience ear plugs as you should know come with four silicon tip sizes for a comfortable and stresses fit and are stored in a compact carrying case that easily slips into the coin pocket of my jeans and also cleans up much easier than other foam plugs. They are quite small enough that many people don’t even notice that I am wearing them, and yet they are easy to take off when the show’s over.

Loop on the other hand also offers Quiet and Engage plugs that offer users more or less noise reduction, respectively, but for my type of needs as an enjoyer of music who wants to continue to enjoy several live performances for many years to come, the Loop Experience does it all and also hits the sweet spot.



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