EDD 2022 – Topics to be Discussed in EDD 2022

EDD or the European Development Days 2022 is simply about to kick off its 15 installments of the world youth leaders program. This is a program that is done every year that brings all young people together to form strong expertise and commitment to positive social change to share their views influenced decision-makers and stakeholders and further develop leadership skills.

EDD 2022

It is one of the top forums in Europe that is about international partnerships and was organized by the European Commission. Today we are taking a look at everything that you would need to know about the 15th EDD program that is taking place this year 2022.

What is EDD 2022?

EDD 2022 or simple European Development Days is a program that is organized by the European Commission. This program is aimed at allowing young people from all over the world to share various views of mind and experience’s in ways that help improve new partnerships and innovation to some of the most pressing world challenges.

This program takes place every year and youths from all over the world are in attendance to find ways to help the entire world. The EDD panel is doing to invite all selected EDD youth leaders to simply Participate in the high-level panel in Brussels. Because this program only aims at inviting exceptional youth leaders from all over the world to participate the program.

For those that have applied for the Edd young leaders, they will get a response to their application on their email address. However, you can simply check this website to know the progress of your application https://eudevdays.eu/community/login.

EDD 2022 Theme

The theme for the Edd program 2022 is simply going to be “Global Gateway: building sustainable partnerships for a connected world”. The global gateway system is the European’s adaptation to build and boost smart, clean, and secure links in digital, energy, and transport, and strengthen health, education, and research systems across.

For the problems of the planets to be resolved people have to trust each other to come together to share ideas views and experiences. This means they have to be sustainable and trusted connections and communications between people so as to tackle the most pressing global problems. Problems like climate change and protecting the environment to improve health security and more.

Topics to be Discussed in EDD 2022

Under the theme which I have just mentioned above, there are going to be alot of topics that would be discussed in Edd 2022. They are all listed as follows:


  1. Topic 1: Inclusive and green growth
  2. Topic 2: Open and secure internet
  3. Topic 3: Digital and data economies

Climate and energy

  1. Topic 1: Green and just energy transition
  2. Topic 2: Integration of energy markets


1. Topic 1: Infrastructure connectivity

  1. Topic 2: Green and safe mobility

3   Topic 3: Urban development, smart and interconnected cities


  1. Topic 1: Security of supply chains and development of local manufacturing.

Education and research

  1. Topic 1: Science, Technology, Innovation, and Research
  2. Topic 2: Quality education

Date, Types of Sessions

In accordance with the rules and regulations put in place by the European Commission, the 15th installment of the Edd program will take place in June 2022. Although there is no specific day in the month of June that has been announced that the program will start.

They are also going to be different sessions that will be taking place and the program is listed below:

  • High-Level Panels (HLPs)
  • Lab Debates
  • Project/Report Presentations
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Agora Sessions

Application procedure

Although the application is now closed you can simply log in to access your account and find out the process of your application. When you log in to the account you use in creating your application you can simply find out if your application has been approved or is still pending and more information.

To do so simply head over to the Edd website https://eudevdays.eu/community/login ID login your account to check for more details.



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