Do’s and Don’t of Selling on Facebook Marketplace: Items that are not Approved for Sale on Facebook Marketplace

You should know the Do’s and Don’t of Selling on Facebook Marketplace. In order to make a sale on the Facebook Marketplace is as free as joining the social media platform, Facebook. What is required of the prospective buyer or seller on the Marketplace is to have an active Facebook account in order to access the marketplace via their news feed page. However, If you don’t have a Facebook account go ahead and Sign up for Facebook.

Do's and Don’t of Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Do’s and Don’t of Selling on Facebook Marketplace

In this article, we will be walking through some of the do’s and don’t of Facebook Marketplace. This will help you sell the items you want to part with easily. There are certain things that catch the customer’s eyes, some of the tips are;

  • Fix reasonable prices: Buyers are more inclined to buy your item if they can see a bargain. So, once they can tell a difference in price between buying the item brand new and second hand you might just have your self a buyer
  • Be specific about your price flexibility by stating whether or not the posted price is negotiable, it eases the transaction.
  • Render detailed description: It is always best to put your best foot forward first. That is, as a seller you should always be honest about the item up for sale. State if it is scratched or has a broken bit off, as such details will reflect on you as trustworthy
  • Take Clear photos: This is one important tip you don’t want to miss out on because photos are what focuses the buyer’s attention on your listing so take as many photos as possible with different angles. This will give them a visual representation of what they have in mind
  • Be specific about your location without giving your address. Although you are looking to make some extra cash, your safety is a priority. Protect your address and yourself as the seller because both parties would end up meeting at a public place that is safer
  • Be specific about pickup and the time for pickup
  • Don’t make too many listings at once.

These are some ways you can successfully sell items on Facebook Marketplace and it does not require much work. Selling an item on Facebook Marketplace helps to get more reach with not just you locals but all across the globe.

Items that are not Approved for Sale on Facebook Marketplace

There are some kinds of products that are allowed and some that are prohibited. To learn more about it, read the list of products mentioned below. Here are Items that are not approved for sale on Facebook Marketplace and as such, don’t put any of these items up for sale:

  • Adult products or services
  • Alcohol
  • Animals
  • Illegal prescription or recreational drugs
  • Tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia
  • Weapons, ammunition, or explosives, etc.

Finally, expect to be getting messages immediately after listing an item for sale. When you initially list an item, be ready for these messages. Someone may have been looking for the exact item you listed and may respond immediately. They will expect your immediate response if the item was just listed. Give them that courtesy as it will also help you to keep things fair and smooth sailing.

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