Do you know Hangout has been Replaced By Google Chats

Do you know Hangout has been Replaced By Google Chats?  In fact, some people may have already been moved to Google Chat and may no longer be able to use classic Hangouts on some platforms. This article will contain information about The Switching from Google Hangout to google chats, as well as the differences in their features.

Do you know Hangout has been Replaced By Google Chats

Do you know Hangout has been Replaced By Google Chats?

Presently, no one will be able to download the classic Google Hangout application on Android or iOS. If you want to continue your Google hangout conversations, use google chats.

What More can you do With Google Chats?

When you have successfully switched from Google Hangouts to Google chats, you will be able to do the following;

  • Do more with your messages
  • React to messages with Emojis
  • You can save time by using smart replies.

Also, some other new features are now available on Google chats

  • Video call ringing is now available on google chats in Gmail on mobile devices, both Andriod and iOS
  • you can no longer share links to chat or join a conversation in classic Hangouts, to do all that, you must use the Google chats
  • You can blocK people across all services with google chats. If you have previously blocked people with the classic Google chats, these restrictions will not carry on to Google chats.

I will advise you to upgrade to the latest Google chats to get these features.

What are the Minimum Requirements for Google Chats?

The fact that Google chats are out now does not mean that the classic Google Hangout is not functional anymore. To access them, both, you must meet these requirements.

  • Google chats and chats in Gmail require a minimum of Andriod 6.0 (marshmallow)
  • Access to the classic G]oogle Hangouts will soon require a minimum of Andriod 6.0 (Marshmallow)

In other words, almost anyone with a modern-day phone can enjoy the new features presented by the latest Google chats.

How to Turn On Google Chats From Gmail

If you want to enable Google chat features on your smartphone using Gmail, follow the steps below

  • Open the Gmail application on your phone
  • At the top let part of the Gmail Interface, click on the menu indicated by three horizontal lines
  • After that, from the list of options presented to you, choose an account to opt into Google chats
  • Under the part labelled ‘General‘, next to ‘Chats‘, turn on the show the chat and spaces tab.

Please note the following;

  • The google chats can easily be downloaded in the Google play store application
  • If you get a notification about Google chats in the classic hangout application, click on it to switch automatically to Google chats.
  • The Classic Hangout messages earlier than June 2020 may not be available on Google chats.
  • If you use Chat at work or school, new spaces that were created in Chat may no longer appear in classic Hangouts.

Now, the Google chats and Hangout features are very similar. How do you know the differences?

Differences Between Google Chats and Google Hangouts

In the Table below are the differences between Google Chats and the Classic Hangouts

Feature Google Chat Classic Hangouts
@mentions feature Available


Not Available
Chrome app Available


Not Available
Chrome extension Not available




Customize notifications sounds Available


Not available
Dark Mode Available Not available
Edit or delete sent messages Available Not available
Emoji reactions to messages Available Not available
Formatting Available Not available
Send multiple photos in 1 message Not available Available
Stickers Not available Available
Threaded spaces Available Not available
Video call ringing Only available on Gmail Mobile App Available



Some people who have already migrated to google chats may not be able to use the Classic Google Hangout feature.

Can Google chats and Hangouts Work Together?

Of course, they can work in the following situations

  • You can send messages to a person or to a group of people between Google chats and the Classic Google Hangouts.

Who doesn’t like the latest? I have migrated to the new Google chat and I suggest you do the same.



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