The Best Podcasts to Listen to 2022 – Top Rated Podcasts This 2022

Are you on your search list wondering about The Best Podcasts to Listen to 2022? Well, you are in the right place as this article is definitely for you. The big podcast boom that hasn’t subsided in the slightest over the past ten years has brought fresh life to old audio formats.

The Best Podcasts to Listen to 2021

It’s also sparked many creative takes on how to tell stories, educate listeners, provide a fresh view of the news, take people on adventures and share personal insights in all kinds of innovative ways. What’s more, podcasts are accessible.

They’re so quick and easy to download or stream that you can (usually, your data allowance permitting) listen to them wherever you are, and you can listen to multiple episodes all in one go or spread them out over weeks at a time.

The Best Podcasts to Listen to 2022

Get on the list of podcast lovers and get the best podcasts to listen to this 2021. What’s there not to love? I mean you can listen to podcasts whether you’re on the bus to work, going for a walk, relaxing in the bathtub, or just doing the dishes; podcasts are an ideal audio accompaniment.

They often don’t demand your unwavering attention, but they can cover just about every topic you can think of, and they’re (usually) completely free. If you want to start listening to podcasts more often, you just need to reinvigorate your current podcast library.

The problem you face is picking out the podcasts that are truly worth your time, but this article will go a long way to help make sure you pick the best podcasts to listen to this 2021.

Top Rated Podcasts This 2022

Below are some of the top-rated podcasts this 2022;

  • Decoder Ring; This is a monthly podcast hosted by Willa Paskin, the television critic at Slate. She is an outstanding journalist who examines a single object, habit, or cultural question in each episode. Here are some of the questions ‘Decoder Ring’ has explored in the past: why do gay people love Judy Garland so much? Who is afraid of Bart Simpson? How do you start a conspiracy theory?
  • 1619; At the end of 2019, seeking to shed light on the 400th anniversary of the first slave ship landing on American shores. The New York Times launched the 1619 Project. The effort was a multimedia one, tackling the topic in print, online, television, and audio. The latter initiative took the form of a podcast, ‘1619’.
  • Serial; Although plenty of folks listened to other shows before Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder co-created this investigative journalism podcast. ‘Serial’ captured the attention of the world like none before it. The anthology features three different seasons, each one focused on a different true story. If you haven’t listened to it yet, this is a great (and binge-worthy) introduction to the medium.
  • Why won’t You Date Me; this is a question We’ve all asked ourselves that, haven’t we? Hilarious host Nicole Byer spends each episode of ‘Why Won’t You Date Me’ talking about modern dating, including conversations about apps, open relationships, matchmakers, and more. Yes, it is raunchy.
  • This American Life; This podcast originated as a public radio show (which it still is) in the 1990s and eventually took on the podcast format as well. Hosted by the instantly recognizable Ira Glass.
    Each episode of this weekly show has a theme that is explored, usually through first-person narratives. And by folks from all walks of life in the US and beyond. Think ‘stories about being little’, the pros and cons of therapy, and the tale of a flute player who steals a million dollars worth of dead birds.

The beauty of the podcast is that it can be listened to while working, showering, cooking, or cleaning, and in addition entertaining you. Most programs end up teaching us a thing or two about life, politics, science, art, and more. To get more of the top-rated podcast to listen to click here.

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