Disney Plus Premier Access – How to Get Disney Plus Premier Access

With Disney plus Premier Access, Be the first to access the first in line releases from Walt Disney Studios with Disney Plus Premier Access. Launched in the last year 2020 as a way to bring Disney fanatics new releases while movie theatre remained closed, the House of Mouse seems to be sticking to its guns with this strategy of rolling out the latest brand-new movies directly onto the streaming service with the caveat of offering more for the privilege.

Disney Plus Premier Access

Disney Plus Premier Access

Released initially with the live-action version of Mulan, we have since seen the same treatment with Disney’s Raya and the last Dragon that is now available for you to watch initially using Disney Plus premier Access.

Proceeding with its series of villainous backstories, it began with Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of Maleficent – Emma stone got to the premier Access on May 28, taking the place of Glenn Close in Cruella.

And above all, fans of the Marvel Universe would be anticipated to hear that Black Widow would be receiving the same treatment that would come only on July 9. Premier Access has also shown that it is one of the best ways to catch all the Disney big-hitters without having to get off your sofa, and it would be very interesting to see Disney Plus ongoing approach to movie releases as lockdown would ease all around the world hopefully.

What is Disney Plus Premier Access

The Disney Premier Access goes as far as offering you the cinema experience. Brand new titles coming from fresh Walt Disney Studios are made available on Disney Plus day-and-date with their theatrical release, meaning that you get to enjoy them just sitting at home with an additional one-off fee. Not just that, you also get to share the excitement of the latest big-budget film with family or friends, but premier titles remain available for you to watch in stunning UHD or HDR quality and with Dolby Audio sound.

The $30 fee would offer you far more than two cinema tickets and a bucket of popcorn, depending on your location, but once you have parted with your dough, you also get to watch the film time and time again. That in addition to you enjoying the latest Disney extravaganza months before it would be made available for to the regular Disney plus subscribers.

How to Get Disney Plus Premier Access

It is not so hard to watch a Disney Plus premier Access title, but you would be required to be a Disney plus member first. So, if you happen to not have a subscription, go to Disney plus website to sign up. Enter your email address, and then choose the monthly or the annual plan, then enter the details of your credit cards.

Now, you would be able to purchase a new Disney plus premier access releases. These are found either on the homepage or by entering the name of the movie into the search tool. Click on the title you want and you would receive a prompt to purchase it, before you would be requested to verify your credit card details. After that, you are set to stream the latest movie that Disney is offering. And as long as your continue to subscribe, the movie remains yours to watch for as much as you want.

Also take note that you can purchase the Disney plus title via multiple devices like the Disney Plus app, which includes Apple, Amazon, Google, and Roku.

Disney Plus Premier Access Movies

  • Mulan (Sep 4 – Nov 4 2020)
  • Raya and the Last Dragon (March 5 – June 4 2021)
  • Cruella (Released May 28)
  • Black Widow (Released July 9)

How Much Does Disney Plus Premier Access Cost?

While Premier Access Charge could change especially if it becomes a more regular way to attract a paying audience. So far, the fees have been consistent at USD $ $29.99 / GBP £19.99 / AUD $34.99 / EUR €21.99 for both Mulan and Raya and the last Dragon. It is worth reiterating too that is once you have made that initial payment, the film is your forever well until you cancel your subscription on Disney plus.


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