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The Facebook Dating App is HereFacebook is simply the largest social network site that connects friends and families with each other. Dating on Facebook Dating App is a feature that has been integrated into the Facebook app which aims to bring singles together for free.

While the platform can only be accessed through one’s Facebook account, it is an entirely separate profile from your regular Facebook profile.

Facebook Dating App is Here

Facebook Dating App is Here

Finding love on the Facebook Dating app isn’t difficult. The social media giant has made it easy for singles to mingle and find love through the integrated Facebook feature – Facebook dating app. Some of the singles on the social media platform are already utilizing this Facebook dating feature to connect with others. However, not many singles know about the free Facebook dating feature, and the few that know about it, don’t know how to begin with it.

Ways to Access Facebook Dating App

There are majorly two (2) ways in which you can access Facebook dating. They include:

  • Facebook dating profile
  • Facebook dating groups

We will focus on access via the Facebook dating app. It is a secure service on the Facebook app designed by Facebook to enable people to connect with each other and find love. However, in order to access the use of the social media integrated online dating app, you have to own a Facebook account.

Note that while your Facebook account is your gateway to the Facebook Dating app. It is a separate space from your actual Facebook account. The profile you create on the Facebook Dating app is a separate space. And every activity engaged on the dating app is strictly kept to only your dating profile.

How to Create a Facebook Dating Profile

A Facebook dating profile has been made easy to navigate. However, you are required to create a profile before you can get the experience. Compared to other online dating platforms, it is relatively easy to create a Facebook dating profile. This is because Facebook suggests information you can easily add from your Facebook account. However, it can be edited or completely removed. Below are the steps to create a Facebook dating profile;

  • Login to your Facebook account via the Facebook app.
  • You must be using the updated version of the Facebook app in order to gain access to the Facebook dating platform. Note that the Facebook dating app cannot be accessed via the web version as the Facebook dating app is only integrated into the Facebook app.
  • Go to the main menu of your Facebook profile to find the Facebook Dating app.
  • Click on it to create your Dating profile by appropriately filling in your personal details such as Religion, Occupation, Height, Degree, Location, etc. in the necessary fields and enjoy the experience.

Features of Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating app was created with the mindset of users forging a long-lasting relationship while experiencing a world of fun. It should also be noted that one major feature the social media giant made their priority in the creation of the Facebook dating app is the safety and security of the users. Some other features of Facebook dating are as follows;

  • Opt-in: the Facebook Dating app is an optional app. This means you are not automatically on the dating platform because you have a Facebook profile. Rather you will have to opt-in to use the dating app.
  • Messaging: Rather than the generic “hi”, you are actually required to pick a photo displayed by the user and ask a question related to it. The person’s profile is automatically invisible to you after sending a message. And will be visible when the user replies to avoid bothering a user with excess texts.
  • Secret Crush: this is a feature in which users can add up to nine Facebook friends who they have an interest in and if the feeling is mutual, Facebook matches both parties.

It should be noted that you only get to see Facebook Friends who opted in to use the dating app. And likewise, your dating profile is only visible to those opted into Facebook Dating.

Facebook uses information gathered from your Facebook account to suggest matches based on shared interests. Importantly, all users must be 18 years or older and it is absolutely free to create a profile.


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