Despite Mini-LED Shortage iPad Pro Project Still On

Despite the Shortage in Mini-LED, iPad Pro Project is still on track. Currently, there has been a global shortage of chips due to the combination of several factors, some of them go as far as last year. Those pieces of silicon, however, will not be the only ones in short supply.

Despite Mini-LED Shortage iPad Pro Project Still On

The Production of Mini-LED displays are said to be Yielding low volumes and that, in turn, might affect companies that would rely on these panels for their products. One of those reportedly happens to be Apple but insider reports now claim that the debut of the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro would still push through this month despite that situation.

Despite Mini-LED Shortage iPad Pro Project Still on

This next-gen top-tier iPad Pro has been long rumored to upgrade its display technology without having to go over to the OLED side. It would still be powered by the LCD but it would utilize a Min-LED panel in other to produce much better contrast and brighter images. Apparently, however, these Mini-LED screens aren’t that easy in other products during these times, further leading to a much supply shortage that could threaten Apple’s schedules.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s top Mini-LED suppliers are reportedly and having producing suppliers based on the poor yields. The exact reason for this has not been further talked about, though, but it’s not hard to imagine global economics playing a big role in that.

Regardless, however, the report would also state that Apple would begin through with its announcements of this new iPad Pro will be sporting the new Mini-LED screen anyway and it seems that the company is willing to push actual shipping dates back by a few weeks. This happens to be the same strategy; it was used for the iPhone X and last year’s iPhone 12 whenever production would be unable to keep up with its schedule.

The iPad Pro is shaping up to be quite the revolutionary portable computing device this year, that is even without a Mini-LED screen. It is expected to upgrade the USB-C port to the thunderbolt in other to support more peripherals that include monitors. It has also rumored to have a new Apple A14X chip that might be on par with the Apple M1 on the new breed of Macs.

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