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Dating in Facebook has always been free even after Facebook for Users even after the creation of the Facebook dating app. Facebook is the number one social media platform today thanks to all the amazing features that they have. They have always introduced interesting new things for their user, and through that Facebook dating app came around. If you have not checked out the dating app before, then you are missing out on Facebook’s latest free Feature.

Dating in Facebook for Free

Facebook Dating

What is Facebook Dating App? These apps among other dating apps have been really remarkable. The Facebook dating app is a match-making platform. it matches people based on their interesting and what they have in common for the purpose of hooking up and dating. This app has produced over 2 billion matches over the past two years telling you how successful the dating app is just within the first few years of its launch.

Dating in Facebook for Free

Just like I previously stated, Facebook dating has always been free for users, so if dating in Facebook is what you want to engage in, then go ahead.

The dating app on Facebook is one of the best dating apps that you would find at the moment. A lot of people and reviews have stated that the app is a pretty great plus, Facebook decided to take advantage of the fact that the dating app is in their social media platform, and extended the features. Now using the app, you would get to match with people with similar interests with you based on activities you both engaged in.

How to Create a Facebook Dating profile

At the moment, Facebook dating is not available in all countries, so you might not be able to be a part of the dating app. But if you are in a country with Facebook dating, then follow the steps stated below:

  • First login your Facebook App on your smartphone
  • Then go to Facebook Menu and click on see more
  • There you would find a heart-shaped icon, click it to enter Facebook dating
  • Once you are in the app, follow the on-screen directions to set up your dating profile
  • After you have shared your location, select a profile photo, your dating profile would be automatically generated for you based on the information on your Facebook account
  • You would be given several previews of how the account should look like, make your decision and that is it.

With this, you are set to enter the dating app and get yourself a match in no time. Facebook dating would really amaze you with the features it possesses.

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