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Ever heard of Dating on Facebook App Free for Singles? Facebook has long been a place where everyone gets to connect with each other and scope out their friendships. Now, Facebook users from different parts of the world can officially use the social app as a Facebook dating service. Facebook Dating comes with features such as specialized profiles, a matchmaking algorithm, romantic features, and so much more! Online dating on Facebook, which rolled out in the year 2018 is now available in 20 countries. Facebook users in these locations are currently on the use of this feature and enjoy amazing moments with each other. This service gives users ages 18 and above access to helpful features, in order for them to build up a meaningful relationship. Let’s quickly move on, so you get to know more about FB Dating.

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Dating on Facebook App Free for Singles

The Facebook Dating feature exists within the main Facebook app on your smartphone. However, you will need a separate dating profile to be a member of the dating home. The only information that you have to provide here is your name, gender, interests, and location. All these details help people know you better. This service gives you potential singles as matches. The matches that you get in the dating home actually depends on your preferences, location, and so many other factors. You can also match people in the same event or group as you are. However, you should note that Facebook would never match you up with your existing friends on Facebook.

How will the Facebook Dating work? According to the CEO of Facebook, above 200 million people have marked themselves as singles in this dating home. While millions are already making use of it, there are still people out there who have little or no idea on what the Facebook Dating is all about. Well, if you fall into such a category, then you have just arrived at the ultimate destination.

Facebook Dating Site

With the aim of changing the relationship status of the singles who make use of it, Facebook is attempting to clear most of the hurdles by making Dating a separate feature. First and foremost, you must set up a Facebook dating profile, in order to make use of it. All you have to do is follow some easy processes when you get to the dating home.

Currently, Facebook Dating is not available to everyone. It is available in 20 countries, which we will be looking at in the next part of this article. Apart from getting a profile, you also get to engage in so many other activities to help you meet people, make new friends, share your moment, and even date!

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Once you get your dating profile, what comes next within the FB Dating app? You get to swipe through the profiles of other singles and match with people you are interested in. If they are also interested in you, then you can take it over to starting up a chat conversation. From here, you get to know each other and take things to the next level. Not just that! You also get to make use of the “Secret Crush” feature. This helps you list up to 9 people that you secretly admire. If any of them add you back at their interest, you will get notified.

Is Facebook Dating Available

Facebook Dating is available to millions of singles on the Facebook platform. Each of these singles gets to use the service all for free! As long as you’ve got Facebook on your smartphone with mobile data or Wi-Fi, then you are just good to go!

Let’s check out the locations where this feature is available. Currently, FB Dating is available in the following countries; Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Mexico, Malaysia, the Philippines, Peru, Paraguay, Suriname, Singapore, the United States, Thailand, Uruguay, and Vietnam. Facebook says it will roll out the feature to other countries later on.

Facebook Dating Profile Setup

Setting up a dating profile is the only way to get into the dating home. Let’s quickly check out these easy steps.

  • On your smartphone, open the Facebook app.
  • At the top-right side of your newsfeed, tap on the three horizontal lines.
  • From the options on the page, scroll through to select “Dating”.
  • Next, you have to fill in your Gender, Location, Interests, and a photo of yourself.
  • Confirm the profile and you’re just good to go!

This will take you into the dating home where you get to match with other singles.

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