Apple Podcast Subscriptions: Apple Podcast Subscriptions Release Date and Price

During the recent Apple Event, the CEO of Apple ‘Tim Cook’ announced Apple Podcast Subscriptions. This is a premium podcast subscription service that is set to provide early access and an ad-free listening time to its subscribers starting from May.

Apple Podcast Subscriptions

The Subscriptions marks the latest paid subscription which offers to join the likes of Apple Music and Apple TV Plus. Kindly, read more on this article for all about the Apple Podcast Subscriptions.

Apple Podcast Subscriptions

It is official and confirmed that Apple will be taking a 30% share of creator-led subscriptions from the first year. And then 15% cut in the second year, though this is comparable to other providers.

This service has been expected for a while now. And thanks to Apple after months of rumors it is finally confirmed.

Accessing a premium Apple Podcast subscription provides the listening a beautiful platform usage without tweaks.

Apple Podcast Subscriptions Release Date and Price

During the Apple Event Livestream, Tim Cook confirmed the Apple Podcast Subscriptions will be available in May.

Instead of the usual blanket subscription, the platform now allows listeners to opt into individual content creators.

This will set the price for their respective premium offerings. It starts at ¢49 which is likely about 50p monthly. Subscription for this service will be billed every month, and subscribers will be able to manage it from their Apple ID account settings.

By accessing Family Sharing, users can share the Apple Podcast Subscriptions with up to six family members.

Apple Podcast

With the Subscriptions added to the latest Apple Podcast service, users will be opened to unlimited features. Now, users can access exclusive content and ad-free listening to subscribers curated by creators.

According to Apple, listeners will be able to access premium subscriptions from independent creators, studios, and media brands. These media brands include NPR, the LA Times, The Athletic, Sony Music Entertainment, etc.

Apple Podcast Features

There will be a new design to add to the Podcast App. With shows and episodes now on special pages, alongside the introduction of channels. There will also be a group of shows curated with unique titles, descriptions, and art designs.

Similar to shows, users can browse free channels which will make it easy to see more podcasts from their favorite creators. As well as other paid channels that provide more benefits for users.

This redesign will also pack an enhanced search tab that provides quick access to Top Charts and categories. These updates will be available on the app via iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, and macOS 11.3 software updates to be released at the end of April.


It is amazing how Apple won’t require a podcaster to create an Apple-only exclusive show. But also wants creators to distinguish between content streamed via Apple Podcast and content to be streamed elsewhere.

It also suggests an ad-free or content-heavier offers which will be available to user listening via Apple, rather than other services like Spotify. And that’s all about the Apple Podcast Subscriptions.


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