Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate is now on Steam

Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate is now on steam. Remember the 208 strong bad flash game? Well if you then then I have great news for you. The said game is now available on steam.

Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate Steam

Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate Steam

Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triangulatethe 2008 flash browser game, has reportedly received a remaster for PC.

The point-and-click adventure game that a lot of us love back then is now available on Steam and itch.io – with a potential iOS release on the way. And it has now been remastered and expanded with all new graphics, animations, cutscenes, and even full voice acting.

In the goofy pixel game, players get to take the role of Dangeresque, which as you should know is “the world’s greatest private eye/crooked cop,” as he gets to puzzle his way through three bite-sized “Roomisodes.”

Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate Gameplay

In Roomisode one, players and gamers alike will need to fake-solve a cold case in a bid to avoid a jail sentence from The Chief; Roomisode two on the other hand will feature a team-up with the character Renaldo; while the final episode and puzzle on the other hand tasks the bad cop with a security side job for Perducci.

Each room in the game is a mini, separate, standalone story with its very own puzzles to solve. And along the way, the player in question will also get to meet up with a series of other eccentric characters, all the while collecting level-specific items also.

The Dangeresque Games Spin-Off of Strong Bad

The Dangeresque games for those that don’t know are a spin-off of Strong Bad, which as you should know originated from Homestar Runner, which is a series of animated flash videos that are created by Matt and Mike Chapman aka The Brothers Chaps. Matt himself here voiced the character, as well as co-creating the series too.

The pair in question were very popular on YouTube back in the day – almost 15 years to be exact – and were well known for their comedic videos as well as animations, and of course the creation of Strong Bad. The episodes as mentioned are still very much available to watch on YouTube.

Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People: Season 1 on Steam

Another inspired game that came from the years 2008 known as Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People: Season 1 from Telltale as you should know is also very much available on Steam at the moment. This one in question isn’t a remaster, but however just a port of the original Flash game that you can still very much experience the same way.



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