Cubana Group Unveils Gaming Platform Hammer Games

Cubana Group unveils gaming platform Hammer Games. The gaming platform, Hammer Games is reportedly inspired by authentic African stories according to Obi Cubana.

Cubana Group Unveils Hammer Games

Cubana Group Unveils Hammer Games

Obi Cubana, the Chairman of Cubana Group, has launched an innovative gaming platform named “Hammer Games,” aiming to foster creativity and exploration among young people. This initiative represents a significant advancement at the crossroads of entertainment and technology, with a special emphasis on celebrating Nigerian and African culture. It seeks to highlight the remarkable skills and dynamic spirit of the continent’s youth.

Hammer Games offers a mobile and web-based gaming environment that is not only highly interactive but also deeply rooted in African cultural themes. The platform features a distinctive interface designed to provide an engaging and genuine African gaming adventure. It enables players to immerse themselves in the rich cultural backdrop of Africa, offering a gaming experience that feels like a homecoming to the continent’s vibrant essence.

What Obi Cubana Has To Say About This Development

As per Obi Cubana, ““Apart from the Hammer Games’ interactive features and its regulatory compliance, the ability for users to withdraw their rewards immediately after winning makes it stand out.”

“More than just a game, Hammer Games provides users with an immersive and rewarding experience navigating through the deeply rooted adventurous spirit of Africa.

“Registered with the necessary regulatory organizations, Hammer Games ensures a secure and reliable gaming environment. The platform allows users to escape reality, indulge in the game for fun, and earn money simultaneously. The in-game currency, “Cowries,” facilitates seamless transactions for users worldwide.

Hammer Games Push into the Gaming Industry

Hammer Games, under the leadership of Obi Cubana, Chairman of the Cubana Group, is making a significant push into the gaming industry with a strong emphasis on security and legal compliance. The platform is fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), holds necessary trademarks, complies with anti-money laundering regulations, and has received approval from the Nigerian Lottery Commission, ensuring a secure and trustworthy gaming environment for its users.

At its launch, Hammer Games introduced three captivating sub-games: Odogwu Hunter, Hammer Spin, and Hammer Jackpot, each offering a unique gaming experience. Odogwu Hunter is an action-packed adventure game that embodies the African spirit, challenging players to navigate through thrilling escapades that demand skill and strategy to win substantial rewards.

Hammer Spin, a spin-and-win game, allows players to gamble cowries with the chance to multiply their stakes or win other prizes. Lastly, Hammer Jackpot offers daily and weekly draws with prizes ranging from N2,000 to N2 million, providing gamers with numerous opportunities to win big.

Obi Cubana’s Innovative Shift Into the Digital Entertainment Space

This venture signifies Obi Cubana’s innovative shift into the digital entertainment space, blending his expertise in hospitality with technology to create a platform that not only entertains but also fosters community engagement and celebrates African culture.

“Hospitality is all about creating memorable moments, and Hammer Games is a gateway to build on that,” Obi Cubana stated. “With this platform, we aim to provide not just exciting gaming experiences but also a sense of togetherness and shared moments, much like the ones we strive to create in our hospitality ventures.”

“Beyond gaming, Hammer Games is set to differentiate itself through its strong commitment to community development. The platform opens its APIs to developers, fostering collaboration and growth. Hammer Games pledges grants and funding opportunities to support African game developers, contributing significantly to the gaming industry in Africa.”

Hammer Games Rewarding System

The company, Hammer Games goes beyond offering an immersive gaming experience by integrating a rewarding system that acknowledges players’ achievements with award plaques and tangible prizes such as drinks, merchandise, event tickets, and personal shoutouts from Odogwu himself.

In a unique twist that underscores the platform’s commitment to social responsibility, Hammer Games includes a philanthropy section. This feature is dedicated to awarding grants of up to N1,000,000 to students and individuals, aiming to support community development and foster human capital growth.

Hammer Games Launch

In anticipation of the launch, the platform has actively engaged potential players and fans through social media. The Odogwu Hunter Avatar, a symbol of the adventurous spirit that Hammer Games embodies, was introduced on various platforms including Instagram (@hammergamesofficial), Twitter (@hammergameworld), and Facebook (@Hammer Games), drawing attention and building excitement among the gaming community.

Groundbreaking Phase in the Digital Entertainment Domain

The initiation of Hammer Games signifies a groundbreaking phase in the digital entertainment domain, merging technology with cultural and entertainment values. This approach not only promises a deeply engaging and enjoyable experience for gamers but also plays a significant role in nurturing the burgeoning gaming community within Nigeria and potentially across the African continent.



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