Coming 2 America Review: Cast, Crew And Everything You Need To Know

With another round of this movie coming up, it is the best time for the Coming 2 America Review. This movie had lots of fans following the likes of Eddie Murphy. And now he is here again.

Some decades ago, John Landis was among the hottest directors of Hollywood. Stringing alongside a series of R-rated comedies.

This straddled between edgy, adult humor and mainstream appeal from National Lampoon’s Animal House to Trading places.

Coming 2 America Review

Coming 2 America Review

John Ladis movie (Coming 2 America) in 1988 continued with the trend. And this reunited him with Eddie Murphy. Eddie acted as an African prince traveling to America to seek true love.

This sweet love seeking story was peppered with biting humor. Satirizing ‘80s America’s out-of-control capitalism and greed.

As well as poking at America’s stark social, economic, and racial separation. Now in this new era, there will yet be another adventure of the American prince. But in this case, it’s a struggle to get the sharp wit of its predecessor.

There And Back Again

Prince Akeem Joffer (Murphy) contemplates on his ascension to the throne. Returning to the fictional African nation of Zamunda.

Akeem’s rule is troubled by the absence of a male heir and the presence of the militaristic General Izzi (Wesley Snipes).

General Izzi makes no secret of his plan on assassinating Akeem. And also join in the Zamunda into his neighboring nation of Nextdoria.

Prince Akeem’s concern is then disturbed when he learned he does have a son. This is the child of a one-night stand he had during his visit to America.

Old Favorites, New Faces

The major point of this movie is the reunion of Murphy and his co-star Arsenio Hall. They both find themselves playing not just their main characters.

With heavy makeup and prosthetics, Akeen and his best friend Semmi will also play a host of other supporting roles.

And in that element, the Coming 2 America Review meets more than expectation. Despite new faces coming to the movie, it still relies on Murphy and Hall as major characters.

Other than these two casts, the movie features an additional bright spot. With the new face of Tracy Morgan and Leslie Jones playing the role of Lavelle’s uncle and mother.

They also deliver the sort of fun as the fiendish Izzi. Izzi provides a nice foil to the obsessed tradition of Akeem’s royal family.


Coming 2 America falls frustratingly down in recreating the comedy line of the first film. This movie feels more toned down than its predecessor.

The movie name-drops pop culture without much criticism on it. It also shrugs its shoulder at the case it mined for comedy instead of finding a unique way to critique them.

Other than this Coming 2 America Review, the movie feels less like a sequel and more of a family reunion.

The comfort of this movie is likely to appeal to the audience looking for a familiar fun time. Even if it lacks some little excitement and carefree sentiment of the original.

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