Cobb Trade Show – Cobb Center Galleria

Cobb Trade Show is one of the biggest fashion events in Atlanta taking place from July 17th to July 18th 2022.

Cobb Trade Show

This trade show is organized by the Atlanta Apparel Exhibition Group and will feature the exhibition of dress wears, footwear, clothing accessories and other apparel. If you are interested in attending this event, this article is for you.

Cobb Trade Show

Cobb Trade show includes an exhibition of different brands of clothing and apparel. This gives you an opportunity to compare different brands and a better buying option.

This event is open only to buyers who are in the retail business and the admission is altos free. You should note that the event is not open to the general public.

Cobb Center Galleria

Cobb Center Galleria is one of the trade show centres in Atlanta. This is a large centre that houses hundreds of exhibition spaces on one floor.

In this centre, you get access to everything exhibited during the event. You also get access to different products that broaden and increase your bottom line.

To make accommodation easier for exhibitors and retailers, hotel accommodation is being provided at cheaper rates. Taxis and rental cars are also available in the Atlanta Metro Area to make transportation easier. When you are booking a hotel, ensure that you ask for rates associated with the Cobb Trade show.

Cobb Trade Show Buyers

This event is open to you if you are a retailer. Admission is also free. If you are a first-time buyer, you must complete the registration form provided for buyers on

You are also required to provide an ID containing your Picture and business card. you are also required to submit at least two of the following documents; Current Business License, Voided Business Check, White or Yellow page Business Listing, Executed Tax Return, and Resale Tax Certificate.

You can also come with a Lease Agreement for Commercial Space or a Recent Invoice indicating your store and demonstrating a recent wholesale purchase.

Cobb Trade Show Exhibitors

If you own a clothing brand, the Cobb trade show 2022 is an opportunity for you to increase your sales. It gives you the opportunity to build the opportunity of your brand and connect with the best buyers during the event. You also have the benefit of carrying out an extensive email outreach to over a thousand buyers.

To be considered for exhibition during the trade show you need to submit a contract and follow the requirements. This can be done online on the event page. However, registration for exhibitors and their assistants will take place in person on the show set-up day.



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