Clear Coast Debt Relief: Is Clear Coast Debt Relief Legitimate?

Finding yourself burdened by so much debt can feel helpless. You make payments each month, but the balances barely budge as interest continues piling on. Debt relief companies like Clear Coast Debt Relief promise a lifeline, but can they help?

Clear Coast Debt Relief
Clear Coast Debt Relief

What do they even do? When researching providers like Clear Coast Debt Relief, it pays to understand their services before enrolling.

Clear Coast Debt Relief offers various debt relief solutions to reduce consumers’ debt burdens over time. Programs range from debt consolidation to settlement services that negotiate payoffs for less than you owe. But how exactly does each option work, and are the promises legitimate?

As with any financial company, prudent consumers should verify services, vet accreditations, and research real customer experiences before engaging.

What is Clear Coast Debt Relief?

Clear Coast Debt Relief, based in Jupiter, FL, is a company providing various debt relief services to consumers struggling with overwhelming unsecured debts, personal loans, and lines of credit. Their focus is on helping individuals consolidate multiple debts into one payment plan or negotiate settlements where a lump-sum payment satisfies the debt for less than originally owed.

The company markets itself as aiming to assist clients in gaining financial freedom from burdensome debt payments that never seem to shrink. Programs claim to help negotiate debts down quickly so consumers become debt-free more rapidly than just making minimum payments. Customer reviews suggest many have found savings through Clear Coast’s debt relief services.

Clear Coast’s Debt Relief Services Explained

Clear Coast Debt Relief offers two main services:

Debt Consolidation

This combines multiple high-interest debts like credit cards into one new consolidated loan or repayment program with fixed monthly payments. Ideally, this lowers monthly costs with a reduced interest rate. A debt management plan with a credit counseling agency is one form of consolidation.

Debt Settlement

With debt settlement, the company negotiates lump-sum payoffs to creditors for less than the full amount owed. Each creditor agrees to forgive a percentage of the debt after receiving the negotiated payoff payment. This can resolve debts faster but with credit score impacts.

Compared to bankruptcy, debt relief avoids court intervention and liquidation of assets. However, it also does not provide the comprehensive legal protections and discharge of debts that bankruptcy filings do. Overall, debt relief falls in the middle of the spectrum between credit counseling and bankruptcy in terms of severity.

How Much Does Clear Coast’s Services Cost?

Fees vary between Clear Coast’s debt consolidation and settlement services.

For debt consolidation, expect enrollment fees of around $100 to start, with monthly maintenance fees of $20-50. There are also interest rates between 5-8% on the consolidated loans.

For debt settlement services, expect 15-25% fees on the total enrolled debt amount, only collected if settlements occur. No upfront fees are charged.

Compared to other debt relief companies, Clear Coast’s fees fall within the average ranges for industry standards. As always, compare multiple provider options.

Is Clear Coast Debt Relief Legitimate?

When assessing any debt relief services company, reputation and trustworthiness are crucial. Here are important factors to research with Clear Coast and other providers:

  • Clear Coast currently holds an A+ on the Better Business Bureau, indicating a strong response to any complaints.
  • Clear Coast is certified by the American Fair Credit Council for ethical debt settlement practices.
  • Customer feedback indicates mixed but generally positive results working with Clear Coast.
  • Search for any past lawsuits or regulatory actions against the company.
  • Ensure that the verbally promised services and outcomes align with the written contract.

No debt relief company is perfect. But indicators like these help determine if a provider is legitimately able to help consumers vs overpromising or acting unethically.

Who Qualifies for Debt Relief Programs?

While programs like Clear Coast’s aim to help consumers reduce debt, debt relief works better for some situations than others:

  • Debt settlement requires sufficient income to save up for lump-sum settlements. Low-income individuals may struggle to qualify.
  • Those with assets and income that creditors could pursue do better avoiding default through settlement.
  • Mortgages, auto loans, and other secured debt cannot be settled. Only credit cards, medical bills, etc qualify.
  • Bankruptcy may be better for those with few assets, inability to save up lump sums, or need to stop foreclosure/repossession.
  • Debt consolidation helps motivate those struggling to pay minimums but can repay over time.

Assess your unique circumstances to determine if you fit the target user profile for debt relief to provide meaningful help.

Is Debt Relief Right For You?

While debt relief services from companies like Clear Coast Debt Relief can provide a lifeline for some consumers trapped in debt cycles, consider the pros, cons and alternatives before deciding if it is the right path for your situation:


  • Reduce high-interest debts faster than minimum payments
  • Lower monthly costs through consolidated payments
  • Avoid bankruptcy impact on credit reports


  • Damage to credit score still likely from the program
  • Collections efforts and lawsuits are still possible
  • Debt settlement has tax consequences on forgiven amounts
  • The process can take years to complete

Alternatives like credit counselling, DIY debt repayment plans, or even bankruptcy may better fit some consumers’ needs and priorities. Carefully weigh all options – not just enrolling with a debt relief company – before committing to a path.


Services promising easy debt reduction should always be approached with healthy scepticism and thorough vetting.

The Clear Coast Debt Relief firm has been delivering consolidation and settlement solutions for unsecured debts. But then, prudent consumers must verify its legitimacy and if such programs align with their financial situation before enrolling.

Relief comes easier in some situations than others. Consider both the potential faster debt reduction benefits and the risks of engaging any debt relief services company.



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