Chase Online Credit Card Payment – How to Make Payments Online with Your Chase Credit Card

Chase online credit card payment is easy and it allows you to purchase the items you need, pay bills and even manage debt. The card also offers rewards that you can redeem for cash back or travel-related perks.

Chase Online Credit Card Payment
Chase Online Credit Card Payment

Chase credit card has lots of options that enable you to find a card that suits your lifestyle easily. You can also get a free credit score by using this card and new card members can earn a bonus and points on gas, groceries and streaming.

Chase Online Credit Card Payment

To get a Chase card for purchase, you will need to get a good credit score. Well, most Chase cards are for consumers with a FICO score of over 670 and higher. So, if you want to enjoy Chase’s perks and rewards and also make payments with its credit card, you are on the right page. Chase has different platforms for payment, but we will focus on making online payments with your Chase credit card.

How to Make Payments Online with Your Chase Credit Card

Making payments with your Chase credit card online allows you to make payments from the comfort of your home or on the go. So, here is how you can make your payment online to enjoy comfort.

Make Payments From Chase Website

To make payment with your credit card from Chase website, follow the laid down steps.

  • Visit the Chase website.
  • Then sign up for Chase online banking if you are not yet enrolled. You can do this by tapping the sign up now button.
  • Then fill in the form to confirm your identity.
  • Next, log in to your account after creating it.
  • Then add your credit card accounts by following the instructions on the “My Accounts” page.
  • You should also follow the instructions on the site to make your payment.

You can request a one-time payment for a certain amount or you can schedule automatic payments for every month. You just need a valid checking account to use this option.

Make Payments Through Chase Mobile App

To make a payment with your Chase credit card through its mobile app, follow the guidelines below.

  • Download the Chase mobile app to your device.
  • Log in to the app with your ID and user name.
  • Then swipe left on your credit card account.
  • Click ‘pay card’, then enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Choose the payment date and the account which you want to pay from.
  • And tap ‘schedule’.
  • You also have to go through the details again and tap “schedule it”.

Make Payments Through Online Banking Bill Pay

Some financial institutions like Chase offer their customers online bill pay. Through this feature, cardholders can schedule a one-time or recurring payment to their Chase account through one platform. To make a payment through this platform, you will need to contact Chase customer service to learn more about how to set up online bill pay for your Chase credit card payment.

When Is Chase Online Credit Card Payment Processed

Chase credit card processing time depends on when your payment is made. Here is the timeframe chased processes its online payments.

Online Payment Time Your Payment Will Be Credited Time Your Payment Will Be Posted
Before 8 PM ET That same day That same day but Saturdays are exempted. So, payments will be posted on Sunday evening.
Between 8 PM and 11:59 PM ET That same day The next day, but Fridays are exempted. So, payments will be posted on Sunday evening.


The actual date of your payment is the credited date. It determines if your payment is made on time and it is used for calculating your interest. The posted date is when your payment will reflect online as a transaction in your account activity and when it will be applied to your balance.

Note that if you pay the minimum amount between 8 pm and 11:59 pm Eastern Time on your due date, your payment will still be on time. So, if you see a late fee on your account the next day, you do not have to worry because it will be reversed automatically when the payment is posted.

Benefits Of Making Chase Credit Card Payments Online

These are the benefits you get when you make payments with your Chase credit card online.


  • Chase online payment guarantees that your payment will be sent on the date you specify.
  • Through Chase’s online payment platform, you can make payments without sharing your account information.

Easy To Use

  • When you make payments with your Chase credit card online, you will get reminders when your payment is due.
  • You can also set up automatic bill payments when you make online payments.

It Is Convenient

  • Through chase online mode of payment, you can pay your bills and that of your friends from one place, there is no need for checks.
  • You can also get updated information on the status of your payment and when money leaves your account.



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