Celebrity Fights, Politics, Awards, and Others

If sports betting and casino games bore you, there is another, much more original way to try your luck and challenge your intuition.

Special Bets: Celebrity Fights, Politics, Awards, and Others
Special Bets: Celebrity Fights, Politics, Awards, and Others

How about wagering on which movie wins the Oscar? Or how the final episode of your favorite series ends? In case you didn’t know, you can stake on literally anything.

Betting Kenya guides provide instructions on how to bet on specials. If this is new to you, jump to reading the post below!

What’s So Special About It?

Betting is traditionally associated with sports. When we say betting, we often mean sportsbooks.

As an alternative to conventional wagering, you can choose specials or bets not related to sports.

Despite its specialness, the principle is the same in its essence: You pick an event, the result of which you want to predict, and place a stake in the expected outcome.

Let’s take the weather, for example. It, too, can be classified as a special bet.

Let’s say you wish to guess the temperature on a particular day. So, you predict that the thermometer will show below 20°C/68°F and bet on that outcome.

You see — it’s easy!

As you might understand, the weather is only one of a great many categories. While the list of sports is finite, specials can only be limited by the bookmaker’s imagination.

What Can You Wager On?

Specials have not only numerous categories but also diverse markets, just like a regular sportsbook.

Let’s use the weather as an example again. It can have different betting options:

  • Air temperature;
  • Precipitation;
  • Hottest day;
  • Coldest day;
  • Other weather conditions.

Let’s look at what else you can wager on as part of your betting experience with specials.


This category generally embraces international awards given to outstanding individuals in various fields, such as:

  • Film industry;
  • Music;
  • Theater;
  • Literature;
  • Science;
  • Television

You select the appropriate market and predict the winner depending on the award.

For instance, you can guess Best Director at the Oscars, the Nobel Prize laureate in Physics, or the Album of the Year according to the Grammys.


Betting on politics is like betting on an individual sport: there are several competitors in a race, and someone will come in first. Your goal is to guess the champion.

You can choose between political races in different countries and at different levels — whether it’s to elect a president, mayor, or member of a local government.

Apart from a money line, that is, wagering on the winner, you can try other bet types. For instance, you can predict how many votes the winning candidate will get.

Before placing a stake, double-check the rules of the gambling platform. In some cases, your bet may fail simply because the candidate decided to withdraw from the election.

TV Shows

If you like watching TV and gambling, you get two in one in this type of entertainment betting.

TV specials may vary and comprise wagering on game shows, reality, talent shows, and any other programs that have a competitive element.

In addition to placing stakes on the winner of a series finale, you can bet on the participants who will be eliminated from each series. Or you can guess the number of votes cast for a particular contestant.

Just like in sports betting, you must be familiar with the rules of the show, follow it closely,  and keep up with the latest news if you want to succeed.

TV Series

This is another kind of entertainment wagering, tied to the plot twists and turns of popular TV series.

Apart from satisfying your curiosity, the next episode, if you guessed it correctly, can bring you a nice financial reward.

In this case, betting markets depend on the events unfolding in the series.

Let’s take, for example, Game of Thrones — one of the world’s most-watched television series. Gamblers could wager on the character who would die next, who would survive, who would hold the throne, and so on.

Celebrity Fights

Watching real people is just as fascinating as watching fictional characters.

That’s why special bets often include events related to celebrities. Such as fights.

Thus, one of the current most sensational betting markets is wagering on Mark Zuckerberg’s potential rival in an MMA fight.

Other Options

In fact, there are options galore for special bets, from the mundane to the fantastical.

So they can range from wagers on celebs’ weddings and divorces to the apocalypse and the arrival of aliens on Earth.

To maximize your chances of winning, you can opt for the category of special bets up your alley, making predictions in such areas as:

  • Science;
  • Medicine;
  • Space;
  • High tech;
  • Celeb life;
  • Bussiness;

Betting on Specials in Kenya

There are enough bookmakers in Kenya who have special bets as part of their sportsbook offerings. So you can always give it a shot.

To get a positive wagering experience with specials, ensure the bookie holds a license and has high credibility.

Moreover, the betting rules, as well as the terms and conditions, are a must-read.

When selecting a gaming website, pay attention to the available markets and odds to profit from your knowledge and get the maximum possible payout.

1xBet is an excellent online platform for practicing specials in Kenya. The site features a broad spectrum of categories and betting options, such as in the table below.

☀️ Weather Weather in the Airports of the world
🗳️ Politics General Election in Spain/ By-election in Great Britain
🏆 Awards Gourmet Traveller Awards
🤼 Celebrity Fights Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg
📺 TV Shows Eurovision
🎲 More specials World’s Most Livable City/ Most Followed Twitter Account

Wrapping Up

When staking on specials, you don’t need deep expertise in sports. Even knowledge in unexpected areas can help you become a successful bettor. That’s why special bets are for everyone.

Additionally, there’s really a lot of fun in it. So nothing prevents you from combining this gambling activity with watching your favorite series or TV show.

Of course, good old sports betting is a timeless classic. However, by giving specials a chance, you receive, except for an earning potential, a great new experience, and a strong emotional charge.



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