CARTA PhD Fellowships 2022 For African Researchers

Here is a call for CARTA PhD Fellowships 2022 applications. The Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa otherwise called CARTA offers an innovative model for doctoral training in sub-Saharan Africa to strengthen the capacity of participating institutions both in Africa, Europe and America, to carry out and play front roles in internationally competitive research.

CARTA PhD Fellowships

About CARTA PhD Fellowships

The Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) Ph.D. research grants for developing countries, is an initiative of eight African universities, four African research institutes, and select northern partners.

Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) offers successful applicants an innovative model for doctoral training in sub-Saharan Africa to strengthen the capacity of participating institutions, enabling them to carry out and lead in competitive research.

CARTA Ph.D. Fellowships program is open to staff of participating institutions who are interested in conducting their Ph.D. research on topics relevant to the broad fields of public and population health.

Applications from any discipline are accepted such as public health, demography, anthropology, communication, and economics, among others, as long as the research question aims to contribute to public and population health issues in Africa.

Via the CARTA Ph.D. programs, the organization aims to produce a critical mass of high-quality graduates trained to address the complex issues surrounding health and development in Africa. CARTA also seeks to have them remain in the region, and provide them with an intellectual environment, challenging research, and growth opportunities.

Other Details of CARTA PhD Fellowships

  • CARTA PhD Fellowships runs for a maximum of 4 years.
  • The Deadline for submissions of application is May 1
  • The Fellowships cover the yuition fees, medical insurance, and other university fees in special circumstances only.
  • CARTA PhD Fellowships fellows are encouraged to seek supplemental funding to cover additional costs of their doctoral program.
  • List of participating African Universities:
  1. Makerere University, Uganda.
  2. Moi University, Kenya.
  3. Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.
  4. University of Ibadan, Nigeria.
  5. University of Malawi, Malawi.
  6. University of Nairobi, Kenya.
  7. University of Rwanda, Rwanda.
  8. University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.
  • List of participating Research Institutes:
  1. African Population and Health Research Center, Kenya.
  2. Agincourt Health and Population Unit, South Africa.
  3. Ifakara Health Institute, Tanzania
  4. KEMRI/Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kenya
  5. INDEPTH Network
  • List of Northern Partners
  1. Brown University, USA.
  2. Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research, Canada.
  3. Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), Switzerland.
  4. Umeå University, Sweden.
  5. University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
  6. University of Warwick, UK.
  • All successful candidates will attend CARTA’s innovative series of Joint Advanced Seminars for a group of doctoral students

Requirements for CARTA PhD Fellowships

  • Masters’ degree in a relevant field.
  • Please note that candidates do not need prior admission into a Ph.D. program as it is not required for application but awards are contingent on such admission being obtained at one of the participating African universities.
  • Applicants are required to be teaching or research staff at one of the participating African institutions and should be committed to contributing towards building capacity at their institutions.
  • An Applicants’ PhD research proposal must be related to public and population health.
  • CARTA PhD Fellowships are only open to people who have not yet registered for a PhD or are in the very early stages (first year) of the PhD program.
  • It is mandatory for applicants to commit to participation in all four annual residential Joint Advanced Seminars, and to engage in inter-seminar activities designed to keep fellows actively engaged and in continual communication with peers and mentors.
  • The age requirement for Male applicants is below 40 years and that of female applicants is under 45 years.

How to Apply for CARTA PhD Fellowships

  • You will need to make contact with the CARTA focal personnel at your institution to discuss your interest and obtain application materials. You can download the application forms from the CARTA website at
  • Then, submit your application to the local CARTA committee in your institution (also email a copy of all application materials to ( ), which will conduct the initial screening process. Afterward, submit successful applications to the CARTA secretariat.
  • Upon successful application at the university selection level, the CARTA secretariat will inform and contact you to proceed to the next level
  • Meanwhile, all successful applicants at the university selection level will be expected to:
  1. Fill an online-based pre-JAS, Part I tasks
  2. Run a competency course (May 15 – June 15)
  3. Make full application to the CARTA secretariat with the deadline for submission being June 15.
  • The final decision will be communicated by the CARTA secretariat by November 1.

For more information and fellowships application details, click the link below:



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